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Scott Varney And The Vinyl Canvas

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The best kept secret in music


"Scott Varney "The Childs Eye" Wadi Magazine 1ssuue # 19 April 5th 2004"

This guy plays a mean bass. That's all ye know on earth, and all ye need know. But I'll go on anyway. Apparently, this Varney fellow is straight outta Newport, Rhode Island, whatever that means. Now he lives in Williamsburg, a breeding ground for fringe colonial musicians. But Scott Varney doesn't play the fiddle or the fife. Scott Varney plays the six-string bass. And he plays it well. He also provides the percussion, some light beatboxing, and he plays the toy piano--all at the same time!

The vicious schooling this guy gives to the fretboard of his six-string bass would have landed him in jail five years ago, but laws change. That's why democracy works.

Obvious influences include any jam band. There's some Jack Johnson, some Ani Difranco, some Bobby McFerrin with peace-sign-n'-dove positive lyrics and a very light feel, like a summer dress. And like a summer dress, this CD flows. Perfect porch music, probably even better with a cold beer and a nice breeze.
- Danny Carmichael

""THe CHilds Eye" Review"

Label: Independent - Happygrooves Records
Tracks: 10
Released: 2004
For Fans Of: Paul Simon, Bobby McFerrin, Victor Wooten, Jack Johnson, Bare Naked Ladies, Corbin Keep
Fav Tracks: Groove of a Child, My Shoes, Daydreamin'.

Take a bass, a voice, some percussion and a nice imagination and you have . . .
the music of Scott Varney, full of positive words and uplifting beats.

This is what listening to indie music is all about - finding a soul who not only knows how to express himself, but also knows how to use the tools needed to do so. A one-man show indeed, Scott does it all, uniquely and with exceptional style. I don't even miss the guitar or drumkit as they aren't really needed in Scott's world.

Besides, Scott harmonizes with himself beautifully, and vocalizes freely with sounds as well as words, filling in the songs where maybe there would otherwise be instrumentation.

The vibe is mellow and relaxed. His six-string bass grooves beneath his friendly vocals. I just can't imagine this guy getting angry about anything.

The words are positive and empowering. The Child's Eye may even be Scott's here as he sings about ladybugs and love, and the beauty inherent in everything. All I know is that we could all learn to see and hear things Scott's way, if only for a while.

There is a slight lack of difference amongst the selection of songs here (which gives a solid overall tone of the disc) but it's not enough to complain about just yet. It is Scott's sound, after all. The only other major observance is that the songs all seem to move along at the same pace - a few changes of pace could have broken up the continuity and added some more interest.

If anything, I'd love to hear Scott take his sound and continue on, journey up and down, get quiet and get a little loud . . . but continue with the majority of what he's got going on. It's a nice place he creates with his music, so grab a copy and go sit on the porch, by the pool or in a warm evening breeze and don't worry about anything while he keeps you company.

Oh, and invite your kids, they might just like it too.

- By Steve Allat

" Review"

2006 Review of song Daydreamin off debut CD "The Childs Eye".

"Daydreamin" has a cool vibe and it doesn't take itself too
seriously. Nice melody and easy-going lyrics. It's the perfect song to relax
to and find comfort and inner peace.



Debut CD- "The Childs Eye"


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Musician: Take a 6 string bass guitar, a soulful voice, uplifting beats and a wandering imagination and you have bassist/singer/songwriter Scott Varney. Scotts Been playing bass for about 13 years and has played in everything from punk rock bands to free form jazz projects. Where Scott has truly found his home musically is in the song writing chair where he can let his bass playing take a more prominent role and allow his ideas and variety of influences flow freely. Scotts influenced by the music he grew up listening to from his mom and dads record collection including George Benson, Stevie Wonder, Earth wind and fire as well as more modern influences such as Jamiroquai, Phish, Ani Difranco and jack Johnson to name a few.

The Performance:. Always ready for a show you can find Scott performing out with his one man band. Scott, from time to time "loops" his vocals, bass guitar and even various toys and percussion instruments creating a wall of sound that you'll swear is coming from multiple musicians. your sure to find uplifting beats, melodic bass lines that groove from song to song as well as plenty of improvisation allowing not only the songs but also the mood to change from show to show. Performances include an extensive list of scott's original songwriting as well as interpretations of many popular musicians including Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles and many, many more.

What People are saying: Sam McDonald of Hampton Roads Newspaper The daily press simply referred to Scott as a “Bass Phenomenon”. At many of the performances you can hear fans reiterate this comparing his playing to that of Victor Wooten, Stanley Clarke and even guitar player Tommy Emanuel. Fans have also compared his song writing to that of Ani Difranco and Jack Johnson to name a few. Scotts Debut Cd “The Childs Eye”Recorded at Sound of music studios in Richmond with John Morand who’s credits include Carbon Leaf, Cracker,
Joan Osbourne and many others has also been getting great reviews. Danny Carmichael from Richmond based wadi magazine describes it as “a very light feel, like a summer dress. And like a summer dress, this CD flows. Perfect porch music, probably even better with a cold beer and a nice breeze.”

Highlights: Scotts most memorable show was when he shared the stage with one of his greatest influences, bassist Oteil Burbridge and his band the Peace Makers. He has also performed live on Norfolk Based stations 93.7 The Coast and 106.5 the Bob Fm. Both Stations have aired his music quite frequently. Scott has also received air play on NPR shows Gyroscope as well as Out of the Box. Both based out of Norfolk VA. Scotts song “Groove of a child” was also one out of five finalists in the Jam Category for the 2005 Independent music awards.

Future: Scotts philosophy on shows is to play everywhere and anywhere, and that is just what he is going to do from his home in Williamsburg Va to wherever else his original sound takes him. Scott's planning the recording of a new cd as well as a tour for summer 2007. So be on the look out and listen up! We’re bringing the beat the bass and the groove....Please,Come along for the ride