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Scott Varney

Williamsburg, Virginia, United States | SELF

Williamsburg, Virginia, United States | SELF
Band R&B Funk




"Scott Varney's Childs Eye CD Review."

"A very light feel, like a summer dress, and like a summer dress, this CD flows. Perfect porch music, probably even better with a cold beer and a nice breeze..." - Danny Carmichael - Wadi magazine

"Quick blurb from Sam Mcdonald of the Daily Press"

"Bass Phenomenon" - The Daily Press

"One-man-band, local musician Scott Varney to play Aromas"

One-man band and local favorite Scott Varney will
bring his trademark laid-back funk music to Aromas on
Prince George St tonight. The free show runs from 8 to
10:30 p.m.
Varney is his own band. He plays solo on his six-string
bass, sings and pounds on a variety of percussive instruments.
He's famed locally for his technique of electronically
looping his playing to create a lush and multi-layered
sound. This unusual trick was adopted from nationally
touring musician and fellow Virginian Keller Williams.
Varney has written a large base of original material but
also enjoys playing a range of covers.
Born in Rhode Island, Varney has spent most of his life
in this section of Virginia. He lived in Norfolk and went
to York High School in York County. He has spent the last
seven years in Williamsburg, and he currently lives here
with his wife and two — soon to be three — children.
Varney is a regular at Aromas and usually plays there
once a month. Dave Burchett, manager of Aromas, said
Varney is one of his favorite musicians that performs
When asked to describe his music, Varney responded,
“Alternative, folk, funk, jazz. Imagine Ani DiFranco,
Bobby Mcferrin and Stanley Clarke all mixed up. It's very
laid back with a down home feel, all with a positive message
and upbeat sound.”
Varney has played bass since he was 14 years old.
Since then, he has played with punk rock bands, jazz
bands, jam bands and hard-core bands.
“The solo project came about after having band after
band fall apart and not wanting to have to depend on
anyone else to play music,” Varney said. “I was writing
a lot of instrumental stuff on the bass, and around that
time went to see a Keller Williams show. This guy was
up there looping all these instruments, creating this ?one
man band.' I thought, ?I could do this with the music I
According to Varney's website, his 2004 debut CD,
“The Child's Eye” was produced by John Morand, who
has also recorded for Joan Osborne and Carbon Leaf. Just
like his live shows, Varney contributed all the instrumentation
and vocals on the record.
In his live performances, Varney covers songs by the
Grateful Dead, Van Morrison, Phish, the Beatles, Sublime,
Radiohead, Stevie Wonder and others, according to soncibids.
com. “[He] puts a twist to songs you may already
know,” Burchett said.
Listeners frequently remark on the positive attitude in
Varney's music. “Lyrically, I definitely try to convey a
very positive message. I try to find the beauty in everything
and express it through my music,” Varney said. “In
one song, I try to view the world from a little child's perspective;
in another one, I'm looking at life from the point
of view of a ladybug who just doesn't quite fit in. I like
to write about those little moments that just seem to put a smile on my face. The music has to move; it has to
make me want to either dance, smile or get up and do
something … anything.”
Burchett said that the music will not be so loud as
to inhibit conversation.
“It's not so loud you can't talk to the person across
from you,” he said. “It's wonderful.”
Varney has been playing at Aromas for five years.
“I just want people to leave feeling good inside,”
Varney said, “thinking to themselves, ?I'd like to hear
that again and again and again.” - BY JOHN BRAME | THE FLAT HAT

"The Child’s Eye – Scott Varney"

There’s something in the water in Virginia that produces this sound — the common element that ties together Dave Matthews, Agents of Good Roots, Jason Mraz, and about a dozen other hippie-folk bands down in that most mid-Atlantic of the mid-Atlantic region. Songwriter Scott Varney falls squarely into this late 20th century tradition, albeit with a gimmick all his own: Varney’s a solo bassist. Like Keller Williams, he specializes in the one-man band, his bass expressively carrying the songs. On The Child’s Eye, he uses a variety of tricks to keep the sound from becoming too monochromatic: heavy effects, layered vocal arrangements, and light hand percussion. The songs themselves are a little belabored: easy-going sensitive-dude contemporary folk for the collegiate set. If that sounds like it’s up your alley, it’s probably up your alley, man. Oblique Strategies sez: ‘Make a blank valuable by putting it in an exquisite frame.’ - Jesse Jarnow of

"CD REVIEW: Scott Varney - The Child's Eye"

Take a bass, a voice, some percussion and a nice imagination and you have . . .
the music of Scott Varney, full of positive words and uplifting beats.

This is what listening to indie music is all about - finding a soul who not only knows how to express himself, but also knows how to use the tools needed to do so. A one-man show indeed, Scott does it all, uniquely and with exceptional style. I don't even miss the guitar or drumkit as they aren't really needed in Scott's world.

Besides, Scott harmonizes with himself beautifully, and vocalizes freely with sounds as well as words, filling in the songs where maybe there would otherwise be instrumentation.

The vibe is mellow and relaxed. His six-string bass grooves beneath his friendly vocals. I just can't imagine this guy getting angry about anything.

The words are positive and empowering. The Child's Eye may even be Scott's here as he sings about ladybugs and love, and the beauty inherent in everything. All I know is that we could all learn to see and hear things Scott's way, if only for a while.

There is a slight lack of difference amongst the selection of songs here (which gives a solid overall tone of the disc) but it's not enough to complain about just yet. It is Scott's sound, after all. The only other major observance is that the songs all seem to move along at the same pace - a few changes of pace could have broken up the continuity and added some more interest.

If anything, I'd love to hear Scott take his sound and continue on, journey up and down, get quiet and get a little loud . . . but continue with the majority of what he's got going on. It's a nice place he creates with his music, so grab a copy and go sit on the porch, by the pool or in a warm evening breeze and don't worry about anything while he keeps you company.

Oh, and invite your kids, they might just like it too.

- By Steve Allat @ The Muses Muse


"The Childs Eye" 2004



Scott Varney picked up the bass at the age of 14. He dabbled in everything from punk & hardcore to funk and jazz. Today, Scott’s musical talents have grown and he’s refined his musical tastes into a singular but hard to define style.

Scott’s current solo project is where he has truly found his way. Performing solo since 2002 Scott is making his way from his home in Williamsburg VA to wherever his original sound takes him.

The best way to describe Scott Varney is as a modern day one- man band with the stylings of Victor Wooten, Ani Difranco and Bobby Mcferrin wrapped up into one. Scott brings this sound together with his voice, his six string bass guitar, drums, and various percussion instruments. even from time to time One characteristic element of his performance is “Looping” his vocals and instruments to create the sound of a full band with the occasional Beat Box to supplement the beat.

Scott is influenced by a variety of musicians, for example: Victor Wooten, Amos Lee, Martin Sexton, Keller Williams, Michael Franti, Bob Marley, Ani Difranco, Paul Simon, Bobby McFferrin and many, many others. Scott takes his outlook on life and the world around him and lets it shine with his soulful voice, positive lyrics and upbeat sound.

Scott’s ability to improvise allows his music to change from show to show keeping a quiet coffeehouse’s laid-back mood intact as well as setting the dance vibe of larger clubs free. Live shows are popular and he continues to be in demand for venues looking for that Varney vibe. Local music stations have featured him as a live performer and he recorded a CD (The Child’s Eye) with John Morand of Sound of Music Studios in Richmond.

Scott’s sound has been well received at many of the venues he has played. Highlights include sharing the Stage with Allman Brothers Bass Player Oteil Burbridge and his Band the Peacemakers. People young and old and of all different backgrounds are picking up on the SV sound. Scott has performed live on 93.7 the Coast WKOC and on 106.1 The Bob FM WPYA. Both stations based out of Norfolk VA . He has also had his songs aired quite frequently on the stations as well as NPR shows.

Scott released his debut Cd “The Child’s Eye” in the spring of 2004. It contains 10 original tracks recorded at Sound of Music studios in Richmond, VA with Producer/ Engineer John Morand. Morand has also recorded Carbon Leaf, Sparkle Horse, Joan Osborne, Cracker and many other bands and musicians. Scott played all of the instruments on the album i.e six string bass guitar, percussion , vocals and even the occasional mouth trumpet and toy piano. Scott is looking to make it into the studio for his long overdue follow up to The Childs Eye before the end of summer 2012

Scott’s music is an ever- evolving work in progress and his creativity showing no signs of stopping. Scott is willing to go the distance to play his music for all to experience and enjoy. He brings the beat, the bass and the groove. Come along for the ride!