Scott Vincent

Scott Vincent


My music is energetic piano driven rock. I have modern rock splashes with aggressive guitar, bass, and drum arrangements.


I think what sets me apart from most musicians is I don't read or write music. I taught myself to play the piano by listening to everything from classical to stripped down rock and roll. My music is different because I use unpredictable melodies and chord changes in my writing process and I end up with something that is unique and it's own. I let the song tell me where it wants to go, I never try to force the writing. As a result I won an honor award from the Great American Songwriting contest for 2004! I've always played in bands, but It wasn't until I embarked as solo artist where I finally found the sound I was looking for! With the help of producing guru Jim Brown, my songs now define me in ways that words aren't cool enough to describe!


Three of My songs are on!

Set List

As a solo act it's tough getting original gigs. So I play clubs and I mix my originals in with covers to professional backing tracks that I sing and play along with. A typical night I will do three forty minute sets. A set consisting of 10-12 songs. 7 covers and three originals mixed in. I'll cover anything from Marc Cohn to The Presidents of the United States of America. I try to give my audience a nice mix of new and old, clean and gritty stuff to make the night pass smoothly, to keep them cheering for more. If the crowd's happy the club's happy. If the club's happy I get more shows.