Scott Walker/Zeitgeist Junkie

Scott Walker/Zeitgeist Junkie

 Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

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  • Scott Walker Keyboardist

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Ride Cowboy Ride

Written By: Scott Walker

ride cowboy ride

once upon a time i met a girl whose name was cindy-lou
she told me hiphop was nolonger cool
she took me home to show me how to really dance
and showed me what i thought i’d never get

by day she might be just another paralegal corporate raider
but by night she’s on a rollercoaster
she says her boots are made for walking and to be is not to be
so come on baby walk all over me

she said ride ride cowboy
ride ride cowboy
but don’t you stop
no no no
just pump it up
oh oh oh
yeah don’t you stop
don’t stop baby

mystery and romance don’t mean nothing as a currency
it’s hard fast and big and bold and glossy yeah
but that’s okay cos that’s the way and as they say
it’s now or never now that love’s a discontinued flavour

she said ride ..

ride ride cowboy
ride ride cowboy
pump me up pump me up
oh pump me oh pump me
pump me up

ride ride cowboy
ride ride cowboy
ride ride cowboy
but don’t you stop
no no no
just pump it up
oh oh oh
yeah don’t you stop

©scott a. walker

Dickie Stetson's a Star

Written By: Valentine Rex

dickie stetson’s a star

once there was a little boy blue
woke up to find his father had died
so he and his mother spent their time alone
at the movies where they always cried

dickie stetson’s a star
dickie stetson’s a star
and even though dad went long ago
i still think he’d be proud of me
cos here i am
a star at last
on the silver screen

virginia brunswick was his secret lover
played all her videos over and over
but then one day they found him all alone
inside her apartment sitting on her bed
so the judge said boy you got a year inside
time to plan a new life ahead
but as he passed the photographers
he saw his face on one of the tv monitors

dickie stetson’s a star ...
...on the midday news

of course he was a model prisoner
rehabilitation in shining armour
then one day before they let him go
a man came by and signed him up for a tv show

and that’s the life of a celebrity stalker
walking into focus on the canvas of my tv screen
he’s telling me how it’s been worthwhile
how he found god and met his bride
so now he turns to the camera’s eye
and says mummy dear please don’t cry

cos dickie stetson’s a star ...
...on the late-night show
hey mister stetson
you’re a star

Pussycat Girl

Written By: Scott A. Walker

Pussycat Girl

baby won’t you be my pussycat girl
won’t you let me live inside your secret world
you can stretch and yawn all over me
scratch me with your claws
turn the old ticker on and purr away
then disappear right out the door

i promise i will never try to cramp your style
after all it was your aristocratic guile
that attracted me in the first place
not to say your funny face
so do as you please play any part
you can even break my heart

pussycat girl
i love you

when we go to bed and it gets too hot
don’t be afraid if you wanna throw the doona off
and if in the middle of the night you wanna wake up
demanding some attention
lick me on the nose
who knows baby what might happen

pussycatgirl ...

everytime i think i know
what goes on in your mind
it feels as if another girl
comes before my eyes
perverse you are
so strange by far
but still i can’t forget
it’s you that does the thing
that brings me love at last
you can change at the drop of a hat
disappear if it has to come to that
but still i’ll remain true to you

pussycat girl ...