Scotty and the Reverbs

Scotty and the Reverbs

 Durham, North Carolina, USA

Most critics agree that Scotty and the Reverbs is among the greatest bands of all time. They achieved legendary status in the mid-Seventies by performing their hit song "Controlling the Weather" on the Staten Island Ferry.


Music of Scotty and the Reverbs was inspired by the universe of its reputitiousness and the harmony. On top of its "dance/club" like groove, Scotty and the Reverbs had accomplished to layer the classical music phrases without killing its armonies and dynamics. Synthesizer and the drum samples were used a lot of times to create "club music" like atomosphere. However, you can still feel "organic side" in the music(cd). When those songs are played live, they will be played as band style. The concept of playing shows tend to come from improvisation(communication and inspiration) because of Massa's music background. Sometimes, they could be played totally different from its original version and some flavor will be added to make the live performance(presence) interesting.


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