scotty charlz

scotty charlz


Earthy and unique,with a very creamy quality. My style of play is heartfelt, I cant play any other way. Inspiring and touching, the truth told with an acoustic guitar. Off the top,before the perfection and sent out to others hoping to be called upon for more.


Introduced to the guitar at age 10 I heard a boy play rhinestone cowboy in fifth grade music class and I was hooked. I picked it up and put it down for 25 years always giving into societies rule of gamblers never win. I through away my youth at the control of others. And after much failure of trying to fit into a word of making other people rich I have realized that my mark is unique and much needed if not for anyone else but me. So I have taken the r&b and country mixed them with the southern classic rock that has driven me up and down the roads of my life folded in some cool sounding acoustic and baked this up with my style and rhythm and it comes out scottycharlz. Thanks to all the pioneers of this wonderful thing we know as music I appreciate the pathway that has been laid for me and I hope to contribute by paving new paths for others to follow as well.


I am now in the process of recording my first album.

Set List

I do about 30 songs per set that goes into about a two hour show. I cover Johnny Cash at times I will also cover some southern rock. But for the most part it is just me and my songs.