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"Scotch Bonnet"

Scotch Bonnet: New York meets Detroit in a classic
sounding outfit that should have music fans hollerin'
across the country... especially since it looks like
they'll be releasing and album on white hot label
Ecstatic Peace, helmed by Sonic Youth main man
Thurston Moore. Lead by Scotty Karate this outfit
ranges from the quiet folksy side of country, to
weird rock and glam as well. Basically if you like
anything from Will Oldham to David Bowie, you're
likely in for a treat here! And yes, we realize
that's high praise! - Lager House


Scotch Bonnet-Year of the Tranny (2006)

Scotty Karate-Get in the Teepee (2006)
Loco Gnosis Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


Scotty Karate's been everywhere, he's stomped up and down every highway in the country to bring good-time folk and rock music the kind you dance around to, shooting fingers in the air as you spin to little kids by a creek, and it just so happens that we are those little kids by the creek, looking for weird creatures in the mud and, folks, you just found one hell of a weird creature in Scotty Karate (and, of course, his latest band, Scotch Bonnet).

There's a reason you'll find him on beer bottles throughout his native Michigan: This dude leads the life we all wish we did, and now Scotty Karate brings us the band we wish we all had.

Scotch Bonnet cant really be considered a country band, or a rock band, not even a weirdo outlaw band. The whole thing, really, is more of a good-times band. I mean, you get songs about a girl keeping coke in her beehive, Slippery Rock would convince a grizzled bluesman to breakdance in slow motion. None other than Terry Bradley and Arlo Pickens round out the Bonnets performing lineup, both legends in their own right.

The tender, pleading strings of Drunks in Puddles give way to plaintive guitar and that damn voice that slips into falsetto and breaks your heart for the hundredth time. I wonder if he's sitting in his teepee right now? I dunno, maybe he is still passed out on a stage in Ypsilanti, or maybe playing his banjo and looking out a tour bus window.

Its like a stray dog sings the blues and puts on a cowboy hat, plugs into an amplifier and some dude with an empty beer can smiles so big his teeth fall out. Ain't that somethin he says, its a good time, singing along with my personal favorite tune in this collection, and he's right.

There are some gems here that the radio people should be getting onto the airwaves, namely the overdriven guitar hits Spider Bites and Lickety Lim, the junkyard ramble of Wheelchair wait, there's more - and the Nashville steel of So Happy I Could Cry brings it all back home again. This ain't no one-trick pony, but the next fellow in a long line of storytelling folkies out there living life and telling you how it is in a solid batch of songs.

By the way, I wasn't lying about the beer it tastes like caramel and malt (by Dark Horse Brewing), the way a beer should be. It goes best with bonfires, late nights, and a Scotch Bonnet record.

Scotty Karate is no less of a mythical figure than Zeus, and his musical company is like a pack of matches. Get on the bus, get in the teepee, get up off the floor and get in line. The albums called Year of the Tranny, but this might very well be the Year of the Bonnet.

Hit the road, jack cause thats where they're taking this show and huff the fumes. Use that left hand to pass this around, and spread the word. Like little kids by the creek should do, when they discover that weird creature in the mud.