We are a metal band comprised of many different influences from all styles of music. We are simply here to play music we enjoy.


The history of the Boston-based metal band Scourge is a long and twisting tale. However, for the sake of keeping this biography short, we will only be highlighting key moments and points of interest. Please enjoy these fun facts about Scourge!

-Scourge formally began when Jeremy Pastrick and David Lee met at college in 2003 as bright-eyed young adults. During the fall and winter of 2003 they jammed on and off and started forming songs that would later become the band known as Scourge.

-The early years of Scourge were mostly uneventful. The band recorded several low-quality demos with numerous line up changes sprinkled throughout.

-Scourge at one point was a six-piece band, and after ceasing to have a keyboard player in the band, they remained a five-piece for a number of years.

-After four different drummers, two bass players, one vocalist and four keyboard players, Scourge is now a four-piece band.

-The upcoming release of the 'God Is Not Here' EP will mark the first professional Scourge recording.


2007: Self-Titled EP

2009: God Is Not Here