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Welcome to Scovill Avenue
Peasants of Posture - CounterRevolution
Blind Granny - My Head is Spinning
Anastasia V. Romanov - Solo CD



Quincy B. Scovill, spokesperson and resident Florida hippie madman has formed an estranged musical anomaly with Jennifer B. Real, aka Anastasia V. Romanov, bassist and vocalist for Tampa doomster-metallers Peasants of Posture, appropriately named Scovill Avenue. The moniker is derived from a street in Quincy B’s hometown in Northeast Ohio. According to Cleveland legend, was a “very nasty, troublesome area during the 60’s and 70’s. Some parts of the original throughway have since been renamed,” Quincy adds.
Scovill Avenue, according to Quincy B, draws on his affinity for R & B, funkadelic, Latin, old school rap, and Motown. Big House is Scovill Avenue’s debut CD on Mad Monk, Ltd, an independent label based in Tampa, Fl. “We’re a blend of many eclectic styles,” he says. “There’s some R& B, hip-hop, funky groovey house dance and Latin industrial and even a little bit of zany country.” Upon first listen, the songs have a definite groove but exhibit a strong demeanor of rap/hip-hop mixed with hippie-trippy, dancing grooves. Some of the songs currently available on the new cd are “Los Illuminados,” “Big House”, “The Will of Love, ‘The Hit-Man’s Happenin’ Hip-Hop Ball, “Scratch-a-various” (which features a zany violin player named Freddie D), and “Mistaken Identity,” “Dear Hit-Man (The X-Mas song), 70’s style dancer “Will U B Mine?” Quincy B’s club remixes of Peasants of Posture’s “Lamb of God” and “God of War”, and “Ain’t No Bull,” an anthem/tribute to The University of South Florida Athletic teams, and “Burn” (featuring Quincy B favorite Lorna Bracewell).
“When Anastasia and I first got together, she had some ideas originally slated for POP,” Quincy B explains – “Especially ‘Bloody Valentine’ and ‘Dancing Macabre’ and, realistically, these songs may eventually be on the next POP or Jennifer’s solo cd. “Of course, I’m working with most of the POP members. It’s just a different outlet for all of us.” The core members of Scovill Avenue include Quincy and Jennifer B, as well as guitarist Scubz, the lovely vocalist Ms. Fortune, Anthony the Piano Man, the exquisite Stargazer, Tampa Hip Hopper Ace of Jays, and the legendary Man in Back, Johnny C. Other area musicians also join in for an occasional guest spot including Josef Trotsky, Nikita Nicole, Step N Fetch, Komrade Krushchev, “Berkeley” Bobby Koelbe (Junkie Rush), , Lady Mama Laid, Rae, PT, Bootsy, Betty Lou Fox, Jody Gray, Jun Bustamonte, and local singer/songwriters Lorna Bracewell, Rae, PT, Deb Hunsedder, and Lexi Pierson.
“And don’t forget that slimy little croaker Froggy MC” reminds Quincy B. “He’ll get really upset if we don’t mention his name. He’s got quite an ego, you know.”
Does Anastasia’s commitment to Scovill Avenue take away from her creative time with industrial doom metallers Peasants of Posture?
“Scovill Avenue actually keeps me busy, “she says. “Quincy B is just as crazy as (POP vocalist) Thomas E. Rasptuin and just as creative. I mean, we’re still churning out grungier, hard-hitting tunes. We’re still in the preproduction stages for the new POP cd (titled Foolin’ at the World and scheduled for release fall 2008) so I have some time to rehearse with Quincy B and the boys.”
Speaking of Peasants, Anastasia is quick to add that four songs from POP’s 2007 debut CD CounterRevolution were recognized by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences Committee and placed on the Official Ballot for the 2008 Grammy Awards in four different categories. “It’s an honor to be recognized for your songwriting and performances, “she excitedly exclaims, adding that she hope some of the songs on Welcome to Scovill Avenue Redux will be recognized as well. Anastasia adds that she and Quincy B are currently writing heavy, melodic orchestrated pieces for various television and cinema.
“Scovill Avenue is something I always wanted to do. I love 60’s and 70’s styled hippie grooves. You can hear some of that influence in the new POP songs. I’ve been listening to plenty of House and Club music lately…Lords of Acid, Filter, Skinny Puppy, Christian Death, Ministry…stuff like that,” Anastasia confesses. “Some of the new POP tunes – like, say, “Questions” and “Tired” have that industrial groovy edge. Scovill Avenue is more basic grooves and funky rhythm stuff.” Anastasia points out that Scovill Avenue is “weirdo trippy/hippie stuff that only a tied-eyed longhair could love.”
“We take our influences from Big Brother & Holding Company, Sweetwater, Dan Reed, Enuff Z’Nuff, Atomic Rooster, Captain Beyond, Trouble, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Curved Air…really trippy/hippy rock stuff,” Anastasia confesses, but adds that Scovill Avenue, Blind Granny and Peasants of Posture are separate entities with an unique individual musical prowess.
“The Blind Granny stuff is more club and house, where as Scovill Avenue is more funky blues and Hip-Hop.” Anastasia adds that both projects have songs with a hearty vibe for 70’s disco. You can check out a medley of Scovil