Scrabble Robot

Scrabble Robot

 Austin, Texas, USA

Garagy pop-punk rock, or poppy garage punk? Whatever... Scrabble Robot makes you you wanna pogo like you're old-school!


Based in Austin, Texas, Scrabble Robot features well-experienced punk rockers from the local scene and beyond. Drummer Phil Park was imported from Portland where he had the sticks for The Flip-Tops. Paul J and Dbot shared the stage while playing in their respective Austin bands, The Motards and The Deadites, in the 90s, Bassist Doug Dizeez came from local bands Manikin, Camp X-Ray, and now also fronts Come And Take It.


All I Need

Written By: Paul J

i don’t know why you even give me the time
but i’m glad you do
and when you tell me how special i am
you make me believe it’s true
sometimes i think i want to be alone
but when you’re around i feel like we’re home
sometimes i’m blue for a bad day or two
but when you’re around i’m glad to be with you
cause when you’re around i don’t feel so down
yeah yeah you’re all i need
i didn’t know that i needed saving
until you gave me your hand
you make me feel my luck has changed
and it’s all part of your plan
used to wonder why i couldn’t catch someone’s eye
now you’re around and i know why
couldn’t find you if i had another
now you’re around and i need no other
cause when you’re around i don’t feel so down
yeah yeah you’re all i need
and since you’ve been around i never ever get down
yeah, yeah, you’re all i need


The Open Casket vs. Scrabble Robot 7" EP Mortville Records

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