Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Adrenaline-laced performances featuring five musicians and over 145 invented instruments hand-crafted from the shiniest metal you'll ever see. All original music on one-of-a-kind mobile sculptures. An eco-powered percussion presentation unlike any other!


It's as if Dr. Seuss had a jam session with Frank Zappa, Evelyn Glennie, Flash Gordon and Igor Stravinsky.

SCRAP• ARTS •MUSIC [skrap-artz-myoo'zik] -noun. 1. Quirky, Retro-Futuristic Percussion by Super Humans. 2. Earth-friendly company that creates unforgettable percussion performances using kinetic instruments skillfully crafted from industrial scraps. 3. Entertaining contemporary invented instrument ensemble. 4. Five extraordinarily virtuosic and innovative drummers. 5. The result of transforming “scrap” into “art”, and “arts” into “music”


Created by percussion virtuoso Gregory Kozak and designer muse Justine Murdy, and joined by Spencer Cole, Jill Cooper, Greg Samek and Malcolm Shoolbraid, SCRAP• ARTS •MUSIC excites the senses with intricate rhythms, raw energy, athletic choreography and the most beautifully inventive instruments on stage today.

--> Winnipeg FreePress says “★★★★★” (out of five).

Transcending language, culture and age, SCRAP•ARTS•MUSIC offers a highly physical, wildly theatrical and thoroughly entertaining pop percussion experience. From ‘discovery’ while busking, through invitation to perform at an NBA half-time show, it was just a matter of months before SCRAP •ARTS •MUSIC was a featured performer and nominee for “Best Live Performance” at the West Coast Music Awards!

--> Swansea Evening Post (UK) says “PURE MAGIC!”
-->The Philadelphia Enquirer says “VISUALLY RIVETTING!”
--> Belfast Telegraph (UK) says “FANTASTIC! A REMARKABLE SHOW!”

Touring world stages since 2001 with mobile “invented” instruments and signature “power-percussion” choreography, SCRAP •ARTS• MUSIC combines the intensity of urban construction with the natural energy of the Canadian Rockies, delivering a high-voltage performance that will blow you away!

--> Chicago Tribune says “INTOXICATING!”
--> The Age (Australia) says ”A KNOCK-OUT!”

SCRAP •ARTS •MUSIC evolved from an outsider art project into a full-on theatrical music experience. Although group founder + leader Gregory Kozak has created bizarro instruments since he was a tyke, his current repertoire and unique choreography (aka “power-percussion”) was developed with his ensemble while in residency for 3 months at the Banff Centre for the Arts in the Canadian Rockies.

--> The Philadelphia Enquirer also says “SEXY, ULTRA PHYSICAL.”

Rooted in street performance, jazz + world music traditions, and fueled by the same inexplicable genius that produced projects like Blue Man Group and Stomp, SCRAP• ARTS •MUSIC has travelled the world since 2001, delivering trade-mark high-energy performances across the USA, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, UK, Australia, China, Korea, Taiwan and Guatemala. Athleticism, invention, and mind-blowing sound come together in a live show experience that will leave you breathless! SCRAP• ARTS• MUSIC… Inventive. Skilled. Mesmerizing. Powerful. Hyper-kinetic. HIGH-VOLTAGE!!

In 2010, an unbelievable dream came true when we were invited to perform during the CLOSING CEREMONIES of the 2010 WINTER OLYMPICS in Vancouver. Surrounded by a cheering audience of 70,000; thousands of elite Olympic athletes from around the world; plus some of Canada’s most celebrated musicians, we were literally on Cloud 9. That the performance was being televised to millions sent the experience over the moon!! This humbling experience caused us to commit even deeper to excellence in music and performance. We continue to strive to deliver the best shows we can at every stop. Please come join us!


Cut and paste this URL into your browser to watch a video featuring Gregory and Justine!


- 90-minute Concert: 145 shiny instruments , 5 exceptional musicians, 1 tremendous energy surge; can be shortened for festival appearances

- Educational Outreach: matinees for school audiences, university master classes, community workshops 

Special Events: appearances tailored to WOW audiences!

- Unique Collaborations: dynamic collaborations for mega shows (Closing Ceremonies of Olympic Games; Calgary Stampede Grandstand "Big Show"); with orchestras (Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia); with dance companies (A Poc A Poc), and we look forward to more exciting opportunities.


Inventions used in "Phonk"

Written By: Gregory Kozak

WE DON'T HAVE LYRICS... our music is instrumental! Instead, we thought we'd tell you what you are listening to in "Phonk"....

ZIGGURAT DRUMS: Our signature drum with a large drum-head and stepped spun aluminum drum shell. Can spin in the stand and each “step” produces a different pitch when struck.

GYM PADDLES: Made from flooring being thrown away from a gymnastic club we used to practice at. Cut it into the paddle shape.

HOURGLASS DRUMS: Also made of spun aluminum and stainless scraps. Creates the second highest pitches of the mobile drums. Pivots at the middle, has two drum-heads and spins.

HUMUNGA DRUMS: Barrel shaped, made of spun aluminum; the bottom-end, most bass, lowest pitched of the mobile drums. It also has two drum-heads that can be tuned to different pitches.

B-52 DRUMS: A single-headed drum made from steel oil cans that were manufactured back in 1952! These were cleaned up, mounted on stands made from stainless steel scraps, and a drum-head put on the open end. Can spin on the stand and has many surfaces for creating sounds from.

JUNK-ON-A-STICK: A cymbal “tree” consisting of threaded rod and whatever sound makers we can put on it!

ALUMO-SPRINGS: Hollow, coiled aluminum that sound like an electronic effect.

THUNDER SHEETS: made from the same metal used in parking garage mirrors from the 1970s.

SCORPION DRUMS: High-pitched drums made from big-O irrigation hose & plumbing fixtures. Can support up to three drums per mobile stand.

Inventions used in "Assembly Required"

Written By: Gregory Kozak

WE DON'T HAVE LYRICS... our music is instrumental! And since all the instruments were invented by us, we thought we'd tell you what you are hearing in "Assembly Required"....

GYM PADDLES: Made from flooring being thrown away from a gymnastic club we used to practice at. Cut it into the paddle shape.

PVC TOWERS: Salvaged ABS pipe. Vancouver is being overtaken by condo construction. We benefit from all the off-cuts!

MARINE EXHAUST HOSE: Hollow rubber tubes formerly used to channel exhaust gases, cut to various lengths. Vancouver is a harbour town.

Bopchi Bop

Written By: Gregory Kozak

Another instrumental, this time using marine exhaust hose cut to a variety of lengths.


PHON - a Unit of Subjective Loudness (enhanced CD) -- available on and iTunes
FABRICATION LABORATORY (CD of Gregory Kozak compositions - limited release)

Set List

All the music performed by SCRAP•ARTS•MUSIC is composed by Gregory Kozak, SOCAN.

All the instruments used by SCRAP•ARTS•MUSIC are designed and built by Gregory Kozak.

Music from the PHON CD and more is performed. Over 140 different instruments (approx'ly 4000 lbs or 2000 kgs!) are used during the full-length theater presentation.

Sample repertoire includes:

- Synthesoid Plasmatron
- Annoyophonia
- Agreement
- Some Assembly Required
- Ribs
- Magnum Opus for Bowls & Plates
- Artillery Peace
- Whorlies
- Conundrum
- Sighchordions
- Engine of the Future

Shorter performances for festival shows, educational outreach and corporate events are also possible.


Many people are surprised to learn that Gregory Kozak not only wrote all the music performed by the ensemble, but he invented and created all the instruments as well. Many were made by shaping, bending, and welding great-sounding -- and looking -- s