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Scrap Daddy

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Scrap Daddy is your new favorite rapper. His records have impact like the first time you heard records like Nas "Illmatic". His Southern Slang and rhythmic cadence are addictive. But His shows can only be described as powerful, fun and entertaining. The New face of Hip Hop with crossover appeal.


Born Greg Sterling, SCRAP DADDY came of age deep in the South Side ghettos of Houston Texas where he acquired the name “Scrap” after numerous fist fights. Using music as a form of release and expression, Scrap flourished as an artists and became a father to an eclectic range of sound leading to the addition of “Daddy” to his name. Having birthed a new style of music “Gangsta Alternative” by adding funk, rock, and blues to the popular southern crunk sound, Scrap completed his first professional album at the young age of 17. He has since shared stages with Lil Wayne, E-40, Kid Capri, Mos Def, and fellow Houstonian Scarface. Preparing for his upcoming release, “Will Wrek 4 Food”, Scrap Daddy looks forward to continuing to expand and push the limits to where “Southern Hip-Hop” Crunk music can go.


New Single Streaming on Internet and Free/College Radio
"They Don't Want None" From the 2008 Release "Will Wrec For Food"

Scrap Daddy "Will Wrec For Food Vol.1"
M-1 "Confidential" Track 4 "For You"
Revolution Evolution
Eminient Pugilist Compilation " Neva Give Up"

Set List

Our typical sets are fourty five action packed minutes. If it is a more rock venue we pic more rock based hip hop songs that we have. If it is a more hip hop based crowd we do more hip hop and funk. We have an amazing band of talented musicians who help deliver a dynamic and unique performance every time.