scrapedx, noted as being one of the most respected, progressive and innovative american rhythmic noise acts has garnered exemplary praise for producing music of unmatched complexity, forward thinking originality and focus and has performed at numerous prestigious electronic music festivals worldwide


scrap.edx is a progressive electronic music project based out of the united states and active in the rhythmic noise, industrial hardcore, idm and breakcore scenes. noted as being one of the most respected and innovative american rhythmic noise acts, scrap.edx has garnered exemplary praise for producing music of unmatched complexity, originality and focus.

known for keeping dancefloors packed, scrap.edx has performed as a headlining act at numerous prestigious electronic music festivals and clubs both in north america and europe and actively tours domestically and abroad. signed to the prestigious hands productions based in germany, a founding rhythmic noise record label, scrap.edx flawlessly fuses multiple sub-genres of aggressive electronic dance music into a cohesive body of original composition.

scrap.edx has performed along side (and/or supported) numerous well known electronic musicians such as vnv nation, manu le malin, combichrist, hypnoskull, doormouse, hrvatski, klinik, ah cama-sotz, synapscape, evol intent, the panacea, clan of xymox and icon of coil and has released music with numerous record labels including hands productions, hive records, dta records and the pandemic.

“scrap.edx is a high performance combat evolved audio system primarily designed for urban industrial applications. encompassing the latest technology in computer based audio weaponry; scrap.edx offers the operator a superior tactical advantage on the battlefield in all theatres of war. characterized by adaptive and dynamic attack revisions, scrap.edx offers the operator the ability to neutralize the opposition with unmatched merciless protraction.

scrap.edx industrial consumer products are deployed via hands productions based in germany and designed in connecticut in the united states by its creator joshua colella.

scrap.edx is a concept and personal ideology that i use to create my distinct style of aggressive electronic music. i use scrap.edx to describe how i design the music logistically and present the aesthetic of the audio to consumers. scrap.edx, from my point of view, is a set of guidelines, a point of focus and an approach to creation and composition (in this case, music). it is my intention that scrap.edx is to be viewed as an engineered industrial product, a complex, high-performance technology that is tangible audibly. aesthetically, scrap.edx represents (and is a reaction to) my fascination with the human interaction with and creation of technology (notably military technology; be it science fact or fiction) and the use of technology to shape a collective existence.”
-scrap.edx website


2006 – recoil the void – hands productions - cd

2005 – collect:erase (split album with the liar’s rosebush) – hive records - cd

2004 – the latitude zero project – dta records – 2x cd

2004 – untitled split ep with newandyke – self released limited to 100 – 3”cdr

2002 – non.linear interfacing – dta records – cd

2002 – kinetic re:direction – self released limited to 100 – cdr

v/a – forms of hands 2006 (festival cd) – hands productions – cd
scrap.edx – phalanx contraflexure

v/a – revelation – bugs crawling out of people records – cd
scrap.edx – all those fucking eyes

v/a – saturation bombing ii (festival cd) – t.i.k. recordings – cd
scrap.edx vs. the liar’s rosebush – collect(scraps)

v/a – tonal destruction ii – dta records – 3x cd
scrap.edx - multioscillator mb12 isorhythm 080902

v/a – random infliction – allay music – cd + book
scrap.edx - multioscillator mb12 isorhythm 080902

v/a – embedded – deterrent industries – cd
scrap.edx vs. third mind – unstable isotope

v/a – words becoming volume ii – immanence records – cd
scrap.edx – reality corrode

v/a – decomposition – sinister handshake recordings – cd
scrap.edx – autotransformer

v/a – tonal destruction – dta records – 2x cd
scrap.edx – mental genocide

terrorfakt - m16 (scrap.edx rmx) - to be released

pr0methius burning - significantly altered (scrap.edx rmx) - hive records - cd
will appear on a rmx cd in early 2007

e.s.a – devoted contortions (scrap.edx rmx) – hive records – cd
appears on e.s.a. – devotion, discipline and denial

pneumatic detach – holowh (scrap.edx rmx) – hive records – cd
appears on pneumatic detach – re.vis.cer.a

pneumatic detach – morphine (scrap.edx rmx) – hive records – cd
appears on pneumatic detach – pareses re:infected

keef baker – logopolis (scrap.edx rmx) – n5md records – cd
appears on keef baker – the widness redevelopment project

autoclav1.1 – solvent (scrap.edx rmx) – nein records – cd
appears on autoclav1.1 – indelible

autovon – fix you (scrap.edx rmx) – repeater records – cd
appears on autovon – conform

detritus – immanence (scrap.edx rmx) – ad noiseam records – cd
appears on detritus – endogenous

lan formatique – fractured glimmer of spring (scrap.edx rmx) – u-cover records – CD
appears on lan formatique – goodnight noises everywhere

pr0methius burning – no known cure (scrap.edx rmx) – hive records – CD
appears on pr0methius burning – influenza

vehemence 6.2 – if you only knew (scrap.edx rmx) - unreleased

Set List

Scrap.edx will tailor a live performance logistically based on a number of factors including the style of music requested, type of event and allocated/allowable time slot.

Scrap.edx livesets are produced in real-time and improvised therefore no exact set length can be indicated. Scrap.edx is capable of performing between 0.5 to 4 hours in duration.