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The best kept secret in music


"hive records artist profile"

"Josh Colella's electronic project has set itself apart from the mass of hard-rhythm artists currently flooding the airspace with mediocre releases by forging huge expanses of sound into highly concentrated and potent complex rhythms and coaxing surprisingly emotional deep atmospheres and melodies from the often sterile realm of industrial electronics. There is a reason Scrap.edx has garnered such a huge following and respect within the industrial/breakcore/noise scene, and his new material will not only surprise the devout, but convert the uninitiated." -

"recoil the void album review"

"'Recoil the Void' it has to said is about 10% off being the anti 'Latitude', this collection of perfectly timed sequences dosen't as much confuse the listener but compliment, caress and ultimately squash with some of the biggest sounding kick's I have allowed into my living room. It's all just so damn slick with as little fannying around as possible. Every track builds up to a pinnacle point and yes some of it does take time, but whereas some projects attempt to tackle this style with about as much finesse as a bog brush, SEDX make every second just as important as the previous. Each song takes a journey littered with controlled beats and staccato snare patterns with most reaching a finale of almost pure mechanistic euphoria. Opener 'Machine Death' smacks you in the gut like an overweight english football supporter..and if not including the intro, does so repeatedly for around seven minutes. After the bruising goes down we are treat to true progressive electronica for the proceeding seven tracks. All this without losing any of the drive displayed in the first 9mins. Structure is king here and Josh flaunts it, well...flawlessly. The right things happen at the right time and that's how you can tell a fan who likes to create music for other fans, from a man who stands behind a tray with computer chips in it making a noise that resembles a waste disposal van. I feel Josh's obssesiveness in this, it oozes from every sonic indulgence and that's why I rate his work so much. There is care taken in SEDX's musical collages and you can almost smell it...or is that my brain cells frying? 9/10" -

"collect:erase album review"

"You always know something good is on the horizon when Josh Colella has a new Scrap.edx release out. How do you get even more excited? Well simply factor Liar's Rosebush into the affray and you know there is a combination of styles that should not only compliment, but set the fireworks off. Collect:Erase does not disappoint. The album as a whole is a lesson in growth and the build up of tensions. Erase (Horizontal curve sets) is the ambient predecessor to war, the whole build up on this track is utterly colossal as it folds into 'Erase (the opposition), with the trademark Sedx rhythmic patterns that I adore. Christ this is already an awesome piece of work even by this stage of the album, and you know its getting better and building up like the pyroclastic flow of a volcano in full rage - its almost unstoppable. The effort and thought put into this album is phenomenal. Beautifully layered, dark suggestive industrial complimented by constructive talented IDM at every opportunity to get an edge. Its almost like the two styles are battling each other for supremacy and in the crush somehow highlight each others best sides. There are so many stand out tracks on this release that you suddenly realise that its nearly the whole album you're on about. Fantastic, an essential purchase. 9.5 / 10"

"the hartford advocate live review"

"playing alongside musicians from as far away as denver and miami, scrap.edx (a.k.a. joshua colella -- scrap.edx is his stage name) dropped a set that completely outclassed his higher-billed colleagues. colella's songs featured multiple, simultaneous points of activity, much like one might expect from a live band. there were huge, didgeridoo-like din notes running through the midrange, and sweeping bass synths hauling up from the bottom of the dance floor. atop it all was colella's masterwork: warp speed "drums" which were actually a series of clangs and computerized bleats mixed in with legit drum samples"

"the pandemic records artist profile"

"joshua colella has been tearing apart the industrial scene for years with his own individual brand of ‘combat audio.’ the sound of machines has never been more alive than when a scrap.edx record is being aired. a variety of releases, plus storming live shows across north america, canada, the uk and germany have cemented scrap.edx as a formidable scene monster capable of bringing down small buildings with complex undercurrents of sound and destructive, yet uplifting dancefloor rhythms and beats. making appearances across some of the scene’s best labels, we are lucky to have snagged such a prize for a showcase on this label." -

"toronto goth live review"

"hands down, i was blown away by their dynamic, gradually more intense noisy performance. they had the best visuals of the whole festival. i was dancing and completely mesmerized by the music as well as tight editing style and the political commentary of the visuals. also, i am wondering if matt’s stand has springs or if he was just damn lucky that it did not topple as he pummeled it."

"nonlinear interfacing album review"

"Clocking in at thirteen tracks, Scrap.edx's "Non-Linear Interfacing" runs the gamut of the powernoise spectrum while managing to push the envelope a full 100 percent. Tracks range from frontal assaults of noise with all barrels firing to neo-gothic alien landscapes of ambiance. Those familiar with noisy industrial will enjoy the heavy machine sputter, stomping kick drums, and blatting noise. Those that aren't familiar should be prepared to have their mind blown. This is good."
- wetworks magazine

"nonlinear interfacing album review"

"Powernoise, IDM, ambient, yeah, yeah, same things that get said all the time but that's the nature of this cross-disciplinary genre and I for one am thankful for it. "Non-Linear Interfacing" touches a hot wire to multiple nodes before stepping back for a final inspection: hard cranked hardcore beats sometimes bloodied others borderline sacharine; billowing ambient incursions, more brooding than menacing with more than the odd ray of light; digital waveforms ripped out of code libraries and pulverized through strict filtering and mechanical distortion; drill n bass note clusters warmed up to body temperature by lithe, jubilant tech-step pads and juicy beats." -

"adnoiseam records recoil the void album profile"

"Third studio album for Scrap.edx, probably the best known american rhythmic noise act. Following the very broken "Collect:Erase" CD with Liar's Rosebush, Scrap.edx surprise a lot here, offering a resolutely straight, 4/4, club-oriented album. The sound is quite clear, the beats are precise and the tones are well chosen, "Recoil The Void" basically takes the whole rhythmic noise structure and feeling and upgrade it to better produced sounds. I can see this CD getting a lot of praise and play in industrial clubs. A very well executed exercise of style." -


2006 – recoil the void – hands productions - cd

2005 – collect:erase (split album with the liar’s rosebush) – hive records - cd

2004 – the latitude zero project – dta records – 2x cd

2004 – untitled split ep with newandyke – self released limited to 100 – 3”cdr

2002 – non.linear interfacing – dta records – cd

2002 – kinetic re:direction – self released limited to 100 – cdr

v/a – forms of hands 2006 (festival cd) – hands productions – cd
scrap.edx – phalanx contraflexure

v/a – revelation – bugs crawling out of people records – cd
scrap.edx – all those fucking eyes

v/a – saturation bombing ii (festival cd) – t.i.k. recordings – cd
scrap.edx vs. the liar’s rosebush – collect(scraps)

v/a – tonal destruction ii – dta records – 3x cd
scrap.edx - multioscillator mb12 isorhythm 080902

v/a – random infliction – allay music – cd + book
scrap.edx - multioscillator mb12 isorhythm 080902

v/a – embedded – deterrent industries – cd
scrap.edx vs. third mind – unstable isotope

v/a – words becoming volume ii – immanence records – cd
scrap.edx – reality corrode

v/a – decomposition – sinister handshake recordings – cd
scrap.edx – autotransformer

v/a – tonal destruction – dta records – 2x cd
scrap.edx – mental genocide

terrorfakt - m16 (scrap.edx rmx) - to be released

pr0methius burning - significantly altered (scrap.edx rmx) - hive records - cd
will appear on a rmx cd in early 2007

e.s.a – devoted contortions (scrap.edx rmx) – hive records – cd
appears on e.s.a. – devotion, discipline and denial

pneumatic detach – holowh (scrap.edx rmx) – hive records – cd
appears on pneumatic detach – re.vis.cer.a

pneumatic detach – morphine (scrap.edx rmx) – hive records – cd
appears on pneumatic detach – pareses re:infected

keef baker – logopolis (scrap.edx rmx) – n5md records – cd
appears on keef baker – the widness redevelopment project

autoclav1.1 – solvent (scrap.edx rmx) – nein records – cd
appears on autoclav1.1 – indelible

autovon – fix you (scrap.edx rmx) – repeater records – cd
appears on autovon – conform

detritus – immanence (scrap.edx rmx) – ad noiseam records – cd
appears on detritus – endogenous

lan formatique – fractured glimmer of spring (scrap.edx rmx) – u-cover records – CD
appears on lan formatique – goodnight noises everywhere

pr0methius burning – no known cure (scrap.edx rmx) – hive records – CD
appears on pr0methius burning – influenza

vehemence 6.2 – if you only knew (scrap.edx rmx) - unreleased


Feeling a bit camera shy


scrap.edx is a progressive electronic music project based out of the united states and active in the rhythmic noise, industrial hardcore, idm and breakcore scenes. noted as being one of the most respected and innovative american rhythmic noise acts, scrap.edx has garnered exemplary praise for producing music of unmatched complexity, originality and focus.

known for keeping dancefloors packed, scrap.edx has performed as a headlining act at numerous prestigious electronic music festivals and clubs both in north america and europe and actively tours domestically and abroad. signed to the prestigious hands productions based in germany, a founding rhythmic noise record label, scrap.edx flawlessly fuses multiple sub-genres of aggressive electronic dance music into a cohesive body of original composition.

scrap.edx has performed along side (and/or supported) numerous well known electronic musicians such as vnv nation, manu le malin, combichrist, hypnoskull, doormouse, hrvatski, klinik, ah cama-sotz, synapscape, evol intent, the panacea, clan of xymox and icon of coil and has released music with numerous record labels including hands productions, hive records, dta records and the pandemic.

“scrap.edx is a high performance combat evolved audio system primarily designed for urban industrial applications. encompassing the latest technology in computer based audio weaponry; scrap.edx offers the operator a superior tactical advantage on the battlefield in all theatres of war. characterized by adaptive and dynamic attack revisions, scrap.edx offers the operator the ability to neutralize the opposition with unmatched merciless protraction.

scrap.edx industrial consumer products are deployed via hands productions based in germany and designed in connecticut in the united states by its creator joshua colella.

scrap.edx is a concept and personal ideology that i use to create my distinct style of aggressive electronic music. i use scrap.edx to describe how i design the music logistically and present the aesthetic of the audio to consumers. scrap.edx, from my point of view, is a set of guidelines, a point of focus and an approach to creation and composition (in this case, music). it is my intention that scrap.edx is to be viewed as an engineered industrial product, a complex, high-performance technology that is tangible audibly. aesthetically, scrap.edx represents (and is a reaction to) my fascination with the human interaction with and creation of technology (notably military technology; be it science fact or fiction) and the use of technology to shape a collective existence.”
-scrap.edx website