Scrapegoat J.

Scrapegoat J.


Growing from an acoustic base , with strong musical rythm and smooth, powerful vocals, then blend in elements of jazz, blues, country and folk, delivered profesionaly,with style, smiles and maybe a shot or two.


Starting in music as a boy was natural, my father being a musician playing country and old time R&R, for me it was school choir and piano lessons until 12 or so, then high school rock bands (sorry about the big hair band thing, it was bad for us all..)
After that came music school, 2 years, Graduated ( somehow), guitar\vocal major.
Then a strange thing happened, some friends of mine had a band and their Bass player broke his arm and they had a show, " Would I cover him?" sure I would. Funny thing is, I fell in love with the Bass. I spent 10 years playing Heavy Funk Metal in bands like Trip Fly, Pretzle and Eugene's Garage, much in the style s of Primus, Rage Against the Machine, Faith No More, Mr Bungle, and things of that nature.
Sadly, bands are tough and so is life and things and times change. After many a crazy gig it was time to move to something new, and yet something very farmiliar, the campfire and the acoustic.
As a solo aritist, I felt a strong need to discover what it is to truly create something complete with as little as possible. No bands, no influences, no other input to conflict or distract.
"Can i hold a crowd. Just me, my guitar and a song I wrote, ?" If you can do this, you are truly a songwriter and an entertainer.
For the past few years I have been exploring this thought, and I think I'm starting to get it. Enough to start a trio again at least.


By & By

Written By: Jeff Hansen ( Scrapegoat J. )

Walkin', I felt the Son on my face and I was blinded by the darkness inside.
Brother did the love fall from your heart, and Brother, does it feel your world is coming apart, you
can find love in the darkest places.
& Brother, did the light fall from your eyes, and Brother are there things yourself you despise, you can find light deep inside.
Well Lover, does it seem life hasn't been worth while, well Lover, did you know you make my world when I see you smile behind your eyes.
So Lover, open your heart and look to the skies, and Lover, never doubt I'll be by your side as we're walkin', by & by.
Walkin,' I felt the Son on my face and I was findin', that I'm alive.

Before I Do

Written By: Jeff Hansen ( Scrapegoat J. )

Hey man was it worth your while,
Sell your soul - stay in style,
I said hey man did you see the light,
It's been a cold morning and a long hard night.

Don't let the day sneak up on you.
Give it away before I do.

'Cause distant to the dime,
so this chance make it shine.
I said hey man don't let it fall away, you've got to push on, push on through the grey, to the morning.

Don't let the day sneak up on you, give it away before i do.

I let the wind take me home,
So far from where i was born.


Jeff Hansen - 4 Way Door
Hopeing for airplay.

Set List

Typical set list other than originals
Bob Dylan
David Grey
Lyle lovett
Son Volt
Uncle Tupelo
Blind Melon
Hank Williams Jr.
G Love
Willy Nelson
AND More