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I am a true musican in that I can play mulitple instruments and I am a good song writer. I'm the hardest working unsigned musician in my area, doing what ever it takes to make things happen. My style is unique because all music is an influence on my creativity.


Scrappy is a Detroit area born and raised M.C. who has been performing for audiences since the age of 9. First were the school musicals but by high school Scrappy was playing the bass guitar and drums in various rock and punk bands. Now performing his solo hip hop material at some of the premier venues in the mitten including St. Andrews hall, the Emerald theatre, and Clutch Cargos, Scrappy has done a lil' bit of everything in his music career. The only thing more diverse then Scrappys talents are his influences. Fron Pantera and Tool to Curtis Mayfield to Spice 1 and Tupac, Scrappy has a true passion for all music. A combination of Scrappys diversity, hard work, and experience is what has molded this unique M.C.'s style and is what makes Scrappy.... THA NEXT EVOLUTION OF RAP!


scrappy - self-titled ep-03'
tha dove sac - cd single-05'
my turn 2 talk - cd-07'
luv 4 tha 313 - -dvd-07'

Set List

set list is usally 25 minutes.
Hey boo boo
tha dove sac
party wit me
murda dance
this is how i ride
makin' them g'z
darkside of rap