Dirty groove, high energy and a bloody good time.


Scratch has been a long time in the making... with Jono, Tim and Daryl growing up together, the jamming and the good times are about all they remember. Though cruel fate had kept them from pursuing the same musical project until 2007, they are together again with the honor of working with the beautiful, the wonderful Emmaline Finch. Since then we have been working around the South Coast (Wollongong Sydney, Nowra) playing with groups like Chase the Sun, Cass Eager, Ginhouse Bluesband, Ray Beadle and anyone else who likes to have fun. From thence cometh the band Scratch and to whence time will only tell... Hope you enjoy the music!


Recently recorded demo (August 2008) but nothing yet released.

Set List

We can play all night... typical sets are between 45mins and 1 hour and we usually do no more than 3 in a night. Most of the songs are original apart from a couple of adapted covers that we have made our own.