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New York City, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2018

New York City, NY
Established on Jan, 2018
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"Scratch - Soak/Newer Things"

Bridging the gap between Perth (Australia) and New York (USA) is no mean feat, but due to the wonders of modern recording technology it has been artfully done by duo Scratch. They have just released two songs that have been written and recorded across the great divide.

‘Soak’ – the standout track – manages to sound like Radiohead meeting Feeder – delicate guitars, synth, and vocals in between thunderous walls of guitar and soaring choruses. It is pulse-racing stuff, mixing hard edged rock with subtlety and innovation:

“Newer Things” is a more restrained tale about jealousy and unrequited love:

According to the band, "our sound is a collection of everything we’ve listened to and loved our entire lives. We didn’t want to restrict ourselves to a particular style. The different ends of the spectrum reflect the different phases of our lives in the last few years. There were no intentional musical directions taken, we let ourselves write what we’d love to hear”.

An album and tour is expected later this year.

Scratch are Avinash Lalwani (US) and Ruz Irani (Australia). - Backseat Mafia

"Scratch – I Don’t Mind [Review]"

The Big Apple meets the even bigger Oz forming the partnership Scratch who have released their electrically charged track I Don’t Mind from their upcoming album.

The duo from New York and Perth are bandmates of old and if only distant relationships were as harmonious as the tracks these two are currently producing. Ruz and Avi have released this track from their upcoming album, it was the first track they wrote for the album which really signifies what we can look forward to.

The laid back mood of I Don’t Mind really lives up to its namesake being so laid back it nearly falls over. Scratch have tapped into an electric yet eccentric harmony that screams lazy summer afternoons when for even the most hard-nosed fan, hard rock simply won’t do. The guitar play is excellent and mirrors the lyrics perfectly.

In an age where we want everything now with everyone rushing around so quickly, a track like this is perfection personified in attempting to get us to stop and smell the roses, grab a loved and kick back in your favourite cuddle chair, open the windows and let Scratch’s new track I Don’t Mind breeze your worries away. - XuneMag

"Scratch's self titled debut"

Bringing back the 90s angst, Scratch's self titled debut features cool songs like "Newer Things". What really caught me about this song was the guitar riff that features tasteful tensions. Though a lower production value than normally sought after, this song makes up for it in raw energy and aforementioned guitar riff hook. The singing on “Newer Things” is reminiscent of Chris Cornell, R.I.P.

Having researched the band through Spotify and Google, it was a little difficult to find more information on this act. All I can say is if you dig “Newer Things” subscribe to their Spotify and keep up with their releases as the band evolves into what I’m sure will be epic rock and roll. \m/ - It's Not Records

"I Don’t Mind’ by Perth and New York based Indian duo ‘Scratch’"

Ruz Irani (Ruz) and Avinash Lalwani (Avi) might be hemispheres apart, but it hasn’t stopped the childhood friends them from working together to create music. Avi is based in New York while Ruz resides in Perth but the two have formed ‘Scratch’ and have three originals. They have been jamming together and managed to compose and create original compositions with the help of technology.

Their latest single ‘I Don’t Mind’ is a quintessential alternative rock song, containing just the right elements. What’s wonderful is that the duo has not given into the temptation of trying too many different things, which certainly works in its favour. - A Humming heart


Still working on that hot first release.



Scratch is a rock band based in New York, USA and Perth, Australia. Living 11,617 miles apart didn't stopped band mates and childhood friends, Ruz and Avi, from making music together. For their debut album, Scratch used their distance to their advantage. Recorded in their home studios and shared over the internet, each song was created without any limits. With a twelve hour time difference between them, Ruz and Avi took turns building on each other’s musical ideas, adding layers and bringing their individual styles to the music. It was a unique way to craft an album.

In 2018, Ruz joined Avi in the US to play their songs live and loud! In little time, they recruited friends Matt on bass and Abhishek on drums, played packed shows at Rockwood Music Hall and their first festival. The band’s focus for 2019 is to release their debut full length album, tour and play festivals in their home countries of USA, Australia and India.

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