Screamer Wants Wet Food

Screamer Wants Wet Food


quirky, nerdy, outspoken music. Lyrically out of the box, including subject matter involving the knitting of anthropomorphic colors, geeks belonging to their own society, my past life as a samurai, and picturing outside people during sexual intercourse with my lover. perfect for artsy venues.


Sometimes I'm talking to my brother on the phone and I hear his cat meowing in the background and I say, " hey Gabe, what's wrong with your cat?" and he says, " oh, Screamer wants wet food." And, so, one day I said, "Hey Gabe, you know, that would make a really good name for a band." but he thought that it was a bad idea, and I said, " no really, you should totally form a band and call it Screamer Wants Wet Food," But he insisted that it was a bad idea and he wouldn't do it, so I said, " okay then, if you don't, than I will." So I did, and now I'm Screamer Wants Wet Food, but it's not really a band cause it's just me.

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