Screaming Beavers

Screaming Beavers


If the band name hasn't captured your attention then check out the music. A full mix of Rock, punk, alternative rock, metal and joke rock. The beavers got the entire package summed up from audio to visual performances that'll leave you in awe! Check out:


• The Screaming Beavers® were formed in 1992, established in 1997 and released in 2007
• The Screaming Beavers® have played with established bands such as: Sum 41, Rainbow Buttmonkeys (currently known as Finger 11), Headstones, Big Sugar, Forgotten Rebels and D.O.A.
• Finishing up their “Family Reunion Tour”, the Screaming Beavers® have played all over Ontario at small, large and legendary venues such as: The Hamilton Convention Centre in Hamilton, the Kathedral and the Reverb in Toronto


• CD Release – “Awambabaluwompawompbawhat?” – Feb – 1997
• CD Release – “Bite My @$$” – Apr – 2008
• Video Release – “Bite My @$$” – Aug – 2008
• Video Release – “Molly's Jolly” – Feb – 2009