Screaming Eagle's Singers

Screaming Eagle's Singers


Screaming Eagles Singers is a Family Dance Troupe, who combine theatre and dance. Native North American Dances and 1 of these dances is called round dance. Dancers Linking hands in a circle and singers singing in the centre facing each other. Holding each 1 hand held drum & stick and singing.


We can be charectorized as a traditional style band where we use traditional instruments and blend modern themes in our sound. We started playing our music for demonstration purposes in our 45 minute performances of native north american traditional dances. Our sound came about by giving our audiences be they from community event to school venues etc. We provided a practical demonstration to the audience and we play our music and the audiences dances to our sound. This Dance Style is a traditional form of dance for the Cree People of the northern plains of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The round dance style is not unique to northern alberta, where we are from, but because it is our traditional winter dance. Although we sing with the traditional hand drum style, our music is contemporary as we use both Cree and English language, as well as modern themes.


When I seen you looking at me.

Written By: Melvin John

When I seen you looking at me, I pretended I didn't see you but I new, you new, I was looking at you. Shame on me. (for 3 verses) and the 4th is.

When I seen you looking at me, I pretended I didn't not see you, but I new, you new, I was looking at you. Then I new.


Compilation Album: Eagle 1 Has Landed. Recently we released our compilation cd, "Eagle 1 Has Landed", to Muskwa Cheese Radio Station in Hobbema Alberta for Radio Air Play. Also released same Album for radio air play on the Aboriginal Perspective Radio Station. Our music has a mainly aboriginal listening base but know branching out to include major sound stages and venues. We incorporate traditional theme taken from the more traditional round dance style of singing. We also iincorporated bringing our recorded cd to traditional venue of the Pow Wow Arber. We played on the main stage at the Rogers Centre, during Aboriginal Music and Festival on the jumbo tron. Our digital sound is heard at least once a day by someone around the world in the world wide web.

Set List

We are able to sing the usual 4 song set of
5 min songs. We are usally sing 2 song for live performance demonstration because of the audience participation, longer if there is a controlled and contained area becuase we could easily go for 10 min sets. This is due to audience participation. All our songs can be catagorized as original songs but we borrow hints of cover songs from popular tunes.