Screaming Maldini

Screaming Maldini

 Sheffield, England, GBR

Screaming Maldini are 6 musicians from Sheffield. Their ethos is to make music with energy, originality, instruments, voices, time signatures, and catchiness.


They say it's the little things in life that count, and the same certainly goes for one of Sheffield’s fastest rising musical troupes. A genre-straddling, multi-instrumental six piece, their talent is clearly evident in the details of the work produced.

A cowbell, an unusual time signature, or a fluttered snare roll- needless to say, Screaming Maldini take precision very seriously indeed. And for good reason, with the results of their toil taking the form of innovative arrangements designed to make heads nod, feet move, and minds engage. At once accessible and yet wholly unique, theirs is a sound born of today, as oppose to memories of what has been before.

Not that the individual members haven’t got plenty of experience to call upon. Comprising Nick Cox on lead vocals and guitar, Gina Walters’ lyrical, synth and percussive prowess, bassist and backing singer Annie Rushworth, the keyboards of Jonathan Cornish, the brass of Ben Hoblyn (along with more synths), not to mention Tim Walker’s time keeping on drums, collectively they’ve all moved on from previous bands in search of genuine originality.

Over the last two years they have built a staggering reputation and seemingly ever-burgeoning following thanks to this penchant for pioneering noises. Whether listening to the epic build of LP track It’s Always Summer Somewhere, a soaring wall of sound alt-rock gem, or their much-loved acoustic YouTube cover of Outkast’s Hey Ya!, innovation and ingenuity are always evident. As such, their eponymous long player, Screaming Maldini, arriving on February 4th, has more than a few expectations hanging on its lovingly conceived disc.

Boasting no less than 12 individual offerings, this summation of some 24-months writing, fine-tuning, and recording represents a fitting showcase of their ethic. Inspired and influenced by artists as diverse as The Beatles, The Klaxons, and Radiohead, we’re given the joyful crescendos and engaging choruses of Life In Glorious Stereo, the dark staccato rhythms of Minor Alterations, a theatrical piece of guitar and piano led leftfield indie, and the closing fanfares of Four Hours From Now, to name just three. A welcome break from the norm, whilst stopping short of anything off-puttingly obtuse, it’s precisely the right accompaniment to the year ahead.


Screaming Maldini (album) February 2013
The Winter Stars (EP) December 2012
Summer, Somewhere (single) October 2012
Life In Glorious Stereo (single) June 2012

Set List

Life In Glorious Stereo
The Extraordinary
The Awakening
The Albatross
Minor Alterations
Summer, Somewhere
Four Hours From Now