Barbie and the Brats featuring Screamin Rachael

Barbie and the Brats featuring Screamin Rachael

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Powerful female lead, in the tradition of Tina Tuner and Janis Joplin with a rock solid stage show along with her DJ skills she brings excitement and energy with every show she performs. Rachael performs many of her own record hits along with additional songs from her renowned label Trax Records.


Rachael Cain known as the queen of house music has electrified crowds around the world with her powerful voice and stunning stage show. From intimate shows to large concert halls this girl does it all. Her exciting new act the all girl band sensation Barbee and the Bradts are entertaining our troops nation wide, these all american cuties not only turn heads with there beauty but rock like no other female group ever has. In a word they are consumate musicians. All the band members write original material and sing, making for a lush background sond. Rachael has also recorded, and performed in concert with Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmaster Melle Mel, Doug E. Fresh, George Clinton, and many other music greats. Screamin Rachael Cain has appeared on MTV, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Entertainment Tonight, Hard Copy, A Current Affair, The Joan Rivers Show and Geraldo to name a few. She studied acting at the Lee Strassberg Institute and appeared in films such as Night Owl with John Leguizamo, The Deflowering, and Too Pure. Rachael recently returned from performing her new single and video with the Godfather of Funk Mr. George Clinton at Winter Music in Miami. Rachael credits much of her success to when she was at Sugar Hill Records under her Mentor Siliva Robinson.


1. Our House is Fundified - Currently on the radio
2. My Forever is Here Today - Currently on the radio
3. Shut up and Dance - Getting some air play
4. Sister Sister - Currently playing at Victoria Secrets Stores.
5. So Sexy - Currently playing at Abacrombie + Fitch Stores.
6. Extacy Album - Currently in stores and on-line.
7. The Story Of House / Teldec Records
8. Screamin' Rachael 1999' Mirrakle Records
9. To Wild to Tame

Set List

1. Please Don't Make Me Lonely
2. My Forever's Here Today
3. So Sexy
4. Fun with Bad Boys
5. Don't make me lonely.
6. Voo Doo
7. Real Thing
8. Fantasy
9. Rock me
10. My imagination
11. Shut up and dance
12. So in Love
13. Sister Sister
14. Do what you wanna do
15. So in Love
16. Too Wild To Tame
17. Venus

Typical set 45 min to an hour but can do a 90 min or more for concert. Can do up to 3 sets.