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Praise for "Dying Season"

"Dying Season instantly draws you in with it’s dark, soothing atmospshere, setting the mood.

SinDelle Morte’s whispery vocals and spoken words add a nice touch to an almost Trip Hop rhythm that continues throughout the song. This is more of a somber, mellow type of song that seemed to set a mood to a woman plagued with despair, leaving the interpretation up to the listener."

Review by Darvius Noctem of "Days Of Our Decay"

- Internet blog

"...if you ever do get gigs in london, we will try and book you as well. People would love it." - Heather, event programmer

" “Holler You Home” has a very slow-opening, lower synths and drums before a louder bass is introduced not changing the solemnest of the opening. The vocals are lower and distorted, in a way are eerie. This track has a very goth sound that causes a weakening feeling." - Industrialized Metal Magazine

“Perfect”: drums start the track and robotic vocals, followed in by guitars. Throughout this track remains slower-tempo and closes out perfectly." - Industrialized Metal Magazine

“Rattlesnake” has an electro-drum opening which is shattered by the vocals, very robotic with synths twisting the music into a well-composed madness." - Industrialized Metal Magazine

Another project hailing from the United States. Scream Machine is - like their biography says - a 'primarily industrial metal music duo, with rock, punk, hardcore, electronica and gothic influences'. The band was born last year, when after the brother of one of the bandmembers was killed in a terrible tragedy, music turned out to be an excellent way to express his feelings. People surprisingly showed interest in this project, resulting in the first independent release called 'Spider Riot' in April 2008. After, the band managed to get some good recognition all over the internet, and started planning their second independent release - namely 'Nona'.

The first track, “Weak Salvation”, starts with heavy drums and electronic vocals, the synths create a dark electro feel that vibrates through the entire track. Spoken clips add in to create a break at the best points to continue back with the back to the gloomy sounds. Next track, “Folie A Duex”, deep bass sounds before loud intense guitar and drum beats opens the track up with a thump a thump sound mixed with altered vocals an electro intensity, always present. Next track, “Apex Predator”, synths begin slow adding in cymbals and drumbeats also adding rhyming vocals distorted. Very cyber-goth sound with robotic sounds incorporated into the mix. Fourth track, “Things That Make You”, a piano opening this track followed by grinding electronics sounds of swirls bring the music together. Whirled distorted vocals and guitars blend into the composure. Next track, “Masquerade”, its has an almost medieval meets electro intro with beating drums thumping in with messed vocals rhyming into the track. Fifth track, “Perfect”, drums start the track and robotic vocals followed in by guitars. Thorough this track remains slower tempo and closes out perfectly. Next track, “Audio Copulation”, easy sounding beats with guitars and drums, synths join in to create a beautiful aura. The guitars begin to add heaviness into it with machinery sounds. Next track, “Hell’s Winter”, opens with an intro of a spoken clip slowly this track goes into a scary theme music drums beating with slowly spoken vocals. This track keeps an eiree tone throughout. Ninth track, “Anthropophagus”, a hard intro with guitars dominating with vocals in a mutated distorted vocals. Backing it up are bass beats, vocal clips changing it up, ending out softer. The tenth track, “Sick”, a guttural hard metal sound deep bass and screaming vocals distorted. The synths take over during the chorus changing it up a bit before returning to the normal beat.. Next track, “Rattlesnake”, has an electro-drum opening which are shattered by the vocals very robotic with synths twisting the music into a well composed madness. Twelfth track, “Holler Your Home”, a very slow opening lower synths and drums before a louder bass is introduced not changing the solemnest of the opening, the vocals are lower and distorted in a way are eerie. This track has a very goth sound that causes a weakening feeling. Last up untitled bonus track, begins with a spoken bit then adding drums and bass, twisting in between sounds adding in a string that shakes the track up a bit.

This album introduces sounds of metal to electro to goth. Some of the tracks were a bit long and drawn but as an over all album it was entertaining. A great track to throw into as back ground sound, ill look forward to what they bring next.

Vote: 89 / 100
- Industrialized Metal Magazine


Spider Riot - 2008
Nona - 2009
Addicted To The Whip [Special Promo EP] - 2009
The Stepford Nation EP - 2009

"Hell's Winter", "Rattlesnake", "Folie a Deux", "Weak Salvation" and "The Pied Piper of Capitol Hill" are currently being streamed live to over 400 radio stations nationwide.



Scream Machine is

Cosmosis Morte (aka DJ Cosmo)

SinDelle Morte (aka DJ Preshuss)

Mixing hardcore gabber beats and bass, industrial sounds, metal, rock and punk guitars with Scream Machine frontwoman SinDelle Morte’s alternately sexy and ripping vocals, songs like “Folie a Deux”, “Anthropophagus”, “Hell’s Winter” and “Rattlesnake” have become instant web singles and instant favorites. But Scream Machine is not your everyday mainstream industrial sound. According to SinDelle Morte, “A lot of the industrial and electronic music today sounds really over-processed and over-produced to us. It’s industrial. It’s not pop. It’s supposed to be hard and heavy and gritty and nasty-sounding. We want to kind of get away from that over-processed sound.”

Scream Machine began in Cosmo and SinDelle Morte's living room in Virginia. Cosmo's brother was killed in a terrible tragedy on February 28th, 2008. Seeing his awesome grief, SinDelle struggled to find a way to help the family deal with this horrible loss. The song R.I.P. was created and remains very special to both. There came other songs and suddenly, there was huge interest in Scream Machine: It was different. It was edgy. It was so unlike everything out there. It was absolutely something SinDelle never expected. Cosmo got involved in a more hands-on, ground-level way and the industrial duo of Scream Machine was officially born.

Their current album is Nona, released on March 20th, the Spring Equinox 2009. Nona is the follow up to Scream Machine’s first independent release, Spider Riot. Described by Scream Machine frontman Cosmo Morte as being “very different from Spider Riot,” the new album takes the listener down a diverse road, into obsessive love, murder, violence, suicide pacts and mental illness with an honesty and intensity that grabs the listener immediately. The subject matter is not for the squeamish. Spider Riot also did very well across the web. Everybody's hands-down favorite from Spider Riot is the track R.I.P. but the other tracks did very well for themselves:

The track Divine Prevention was in the Top 10 on the Post-Punk Charts on since the day it was uploaded. R.I.P. stayed in the Top 20 on SoundClick's Industrial charts from the day it was uploaded until it was retired. Dying Season, was in the Top 20 and it had only been ranked for a few days. It stayed there for weeks until it, too, was retired. "Hell's Winter", "Rattlesnake", "Folie a Deux", "Weak Salvation" and "The Pied Piper of Capitol Hill" from Nona are currently being streamed live to over 400 radio stations nationwide. Scream Machine was MyStage Music's Featured Experimental Artist of The Month March & April 2009.