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"EP Review"

“Hailing from the collective ashes of what I felt to be two great Boston area acts, comes a new and COMPLETELY 180 turnin', and entirely different sounding METAL collossus under the guise Screams of Erida. Think: Killswitch Engage strangling Brother's Keeper, with an occasional, well-fitting, bad-ass guitar solo. We're dealing with a competely brand new band here who have impressed me from the starting line.”
- Deek - WBCN Boston -

"EP Review"

With so much garabge out there SOE is a breathe of fresh air. Very heavy, better than most new bands I hear. I expect big things from them in the future. - Iann Robinson - MTV VJ

"The Kave, ME w/ The Autumn Offering"

Screams of Erida was to take the stage next (because The Autumn Offering was late to the venue.) Now I had never seen these guys before and wasn’t sure what to expect. Well what I got was a brutal 6 piece metal band hailing from Boston. It didn’t take long for me (along with everyone else) to get into the Metal groove that they were throwing out in vein of A Thousand Falling Skies. Although there wasn’t a whole lot of mosh parts to their stuff, they blew my fucking mind, and am looking forward to catching these guys next time they come to Maine; (I suggest you do the same.) - Dance floor Justice Magazine

"EP Review"

Well after seeing these guys a couple of weeks ago I kinda already knew what to except when Dave gave me the CD to review. Eager to hear it I threw it in and instantly was pummeled by what was coming out of the speakers. Screams of Erida comes to you from Beantown, and bring to you their ferocious style of technical metal in vein Unearth, Triplet styles and vocals of Burn the Priest, and guitar riffs of A Thousand Falling Skies. If you’re into heavy music such as this make sure to pick this up. The 6 song Ep “Burn the World” will definitely be a favorite release of this year. So make sure to pick it up, and go see them when they come around! - Dance Floor Justice Magazine

"EP Review"

Straight out of Boston comes one of the best underground bands I've heard in a while entitled Screams of Erida. A lot of demos I hear are decent but are lacking this, that, or whatever, the only way that "Burn The World" could have been better is if it was a full length CD. These guys are light years ahead even of some of the bands that are "established" in the metalcore genre. With the help of Ken Susi (guitarist of Unearth and producer of Invocation of Nehek's debut), Screams of Erida have all of the elements to be very successful in this genre, and "Burn the World" is proof. Screams of Erida hits you with so many dynamics in a genre where it is very difficult to standout. Three (count 'em) guitarists, a percussion bass that sounds completely unbelievable throughout the entire CD, a vocalist with range from Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth) to Howard Jones (Killswitch Engage), and a brutal drumming attack spell definite success in the near future for Screams of Erida.

So enough with the band's praise and on to the EP's praise. Each song on this EP has enormous energy that is hard to duplicate. The last time I was reminded of this type of well-orchestrated energy was Unearth's "The Oncoming Storm" (I'll come back to this in a moment). A lot of bands have energy but it's not raw and pure like on this EP. Take one listen to the title track "Burn the World" and you'll see exactly what I mean (probably my favorite song on the EP). "Scorn" is also rather ferocious with more emphasis on the vocal presentation and rhythmic melody. In all actuality, "Burn The World" is one of the heavier melodic offerings since Martyr A.D.'s "On Earth As It Is In Hell" which I liked a lot. "Gods Confession" and "American Terrorist" are other flawless contributions to this EP.

This is the best demo I have ever heard much less reviewed. The only thing that is keeping this band from a ten in my opinion is at times they sound almost too much like Unearth. Due to the fact that this EP was produced by Ken Susi, I can see where the lines could have been a bit blurred at times. Even though sounding like Unearth is not bad at all, I think Screams of Erida are dynamic enough to set themselves apart in the metalcore genre. The production is excellent (great intros, outros, transitions, etc.) especially for an EP. Bottom line is this: Attacking riffs, a shattering bassline, aggressive drums, and boundless vocals have combined to create an underground masterpiece. This is a definite pickup to all fans of metal in general, but especially the metalcore crowd, your collection is not complete without "Burn The World". Keep an eye out because these guys will be coming up through the ranks shortly.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Standout Tracks: All -

"EP Review"

These beantown homies are taking metal to another level beyond what was once thought impossible with their self-titled five-song EP. An intimidating threesome fills in for the guitarwork while the drums enact a precise aural bludgeoning. All of which is wrapped up in a super heavy metalcore style that has traces of other variations without sounding too contrived. The instrumentation and sound layering alone will undoubtedly take hold of your eardrums. Topping of this innovative collection of tunes are vocals that run through a treacherous scale of blood curling screams to melodically identifiable octaves. You hate to say it but they could give a band like UNEARTH a run for their money. Which is ironic considering Ken Susi (of Unearth) has extensively worked with them on defining their sonically rich and brutal sound. Be proud of your Boston music heritage and show some support by picking this one up.
- East Coast Romper

"The Prp"

Massachusetts has pretty much become to metalcore what Seattle was to grunge. One of the latest offspring from the Mecca of all that is mosh is Screams Of Erida; whose vicious brand of aural aggression comes complete with the production talents of Unearth's Ken Susi. Back to the pit you go. - The Prp -

"EP Review"

The last time an album of this type of music impressed me this much was when Killswitch Engage put out “Alive or Just Breathing.” Seriously. Screams of Erida craft a sound of technical metal-core, backed by an line up of excellent musicians. Although some may be skeptical of there being three guitars, in my own opinion, it is only for the better, and takes no credibility away from the talent that these guys (and girl) display. This is a metal-core album, but with an original sound, songs with interesting layers of sound and structure, original riffs, melodies and with an overall kick ass, rocking groove all the way through. The songs are catchy, the vocals are excellent and vary in style, and with this disc, the band even leave an impression that there is much more coming. Given the right chance at the right time, Screams… have what it takes to be huge, not just in the underground, but the mainstream world of modern rock. - Bogus Rendition -

"The Kave, ME w/Cattle Decapitation"

these guys rocked the fuck out (and you can quote me on that one). Fresh off their CD release AND playing the kave 2 dates. the stage at the Kave seemed like it was carved from stone just for thes band. People in the audience liking the american terrorist dedication, maine is not bush country. the entire set, it seemed at least two membes were show boating on the speakers. kind of hard not to when there are 6 of them. I hear their new disc is so good that people will willingly be kicked in the balls to get themselves a copy. speaking of ... there was a kid (named bubba?) who willing got kicked in the balls like three times just to get a copy of the new screams of erida. these were little love taped. these were full on... like internet videos that make you go "ouch!!!!"
- The Reverend - WUNH 91.3

"EP Review"

4 1/2 out of 5 stars

It seems like there has been an abundance of bands coming out of the New England area in the past few years and only a small handful of them really show true musicianship and originality. The rest of them are just regurgitating the same old riffs over and over…blah, blah, blah.

Screams of Erida are an exception to the regurgitation. They come hailing from Boston, MA with a serous mix of aggression and melody. The self titled EP has six intense tracks that kept my head moving and ears begging for more. If I had to pick 3 of the best songs on the EP they are "Beyond the Fall", "Scorn", and "Burn the World". Don't get me wrong though, this whole EP rips start to finish.

The vocal style is a mix of Lamb of God and Killswitch Engage but still very original. The music is more in the vain of As I lay Dying and Inflames. All together the mix is relentless metal with pure aggression crafted with talented musicianship. I can't wait for a full length from these guys. If you like bands like As I lay Dying, Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage and Inflames then check out Screams of Erida. - Hardcore Sounds -


Burn the World
Released 02/11/2005
Produced by Ken Susi at System Recordings
Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance Audio Productions - Boston, MA

Track List
01. American Terrorist
02. Scorn
03. Burn the World
04. Beyond the Fall
05. Human Mechanics
06. Gods Confession

Desperate Souls: Motion Picture Soundtrack
Released 11/09/04 *
Produced By: Chris Benn
"Scorn" produced by Ken Susi at System Recordings
"Scorn" mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance Audio Productions - Boston, MA

Track List
14. Screams of Erida - Scorn

* Released only in Canada


Feeling a bit camera shy


Boston's Screams of Erida have fortified a chaotic blend of unbridled metal that is attracting attention from radio stations, venues, fans and record labels throughout the northeast.

Screams of Erida caught the attention of Ken Susi of Unearth and recorded a six song EP entitled "Burn the World". Ken produced, engineered and mixed the EP in his private studio.

Since Burn the World's release, the band has earned the opportunity to share the stage with a number of national acts, including Unearth, As I lay Dying, Misery Signals, The Dillinger Escape Plan, A Life Once Lost, Remembering Never, The Autumn Offering, Cattle Decapitation, Emery, Beyond the Embrace, Hell Within, If Hope Dies, Invocation of Nehek, Seemless and Byzantine. They have also found themselves alongside some of the biggest names in metal while being feautred on the playlists of a number of the regions most prominent radio stations.

Screams of Erida are currently writing a full length album to be release within the next year along with performing aggressively to support their latest release.