Brisbane, Queensland, AUS

screens are a six-piece Brisbane outfit with a strong audio/visual aesthetic and a penchant for the cinematic, while retaining a foothold within the realms of progressive, ambient and post-rock.


Combining dynamic ambiance and progressive post-rock soundscapes with an innovative multimedia experience, premiere Brisbane band ‘screens' have recently made their debut on the local scene, creating conceptual works of audio and visual storytelling.

Bound by a deep-seeded passion for music and film, screens draws on the talents and skills of Leon Rodgers (bass, guitar), Skot Bruynius (percussion), trained vocalist and film Grad Kate O'Sullivan (vocals, guitar, keyboards), veteran soundsmith Jaxn Lindner (guitar, laptop, vocals), deft guitarist David Fincher (guitar, keyboards) and multi-talented visualist Anthony Toci (laptop visuals, percussion)

Currently based at Audio Colour Studios, Brisbane, screens immerse audiences in rich tapestries of sight and sound. Driven by the desire for live storytelling, audiences will be enveloped in enigmatic journeys that will redefine the boundaries of live music and cinema.



Taste of Euphoria

All have airplay on 102.1 4ZzZ Brisbane and BayFM 100.3, and are live on our Soundcloud.

Breathe has been played on Triple J's Sound Lab with Fenella Kernebone.

Split EP with Big Dead. Available at

Set List

Set list varies.
Between 40-50 minutes.