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*Born and raised in Oak Cliff, a suburb of Dallas, TX, I grew up in a low income family. Of 6, but my family never let us know that we were scraping ends to make ends meet.

*at about the age of 7, my moms and pops split up and I lived with my pops and 3 older sisters. I would see my moms from time to time,, but the separation caused a plunge in my grades at school. It was then my spiritual journey began. I always knew something was missing, but never knew what. I looked towards the stars and mystical things that were unexplained hoping to find answers.

*See, I was raised Catholic, but we would occasionally go to church and when we did, it was almost like mental enslavement. It seemed that everyone did as they were told and it’s sad to say, but it seemed like a funeral. Looking for answers, I began reading books about Astronomy, Aliens, U.F.O.’s, Spirits, Ghost, and Mysteries of the unexplained. My journey into the spirit world captivated my life as my imagination exploded with fears and visions of things unseen by the human eye.

*At the age of 10, my mother passed away and depression and anger consumed my life. I became the weird kid at school who everyone picked on and this caused my anger to spread in a way that I had never expected…I wanted to kill myself and die. I guess the teachers at school noticed and referred me to a counselor who I spoke with everyday and as I look back, really didn’t listen to me. I eventually got tired of people picking on me, so I fought and fought until my aggression was fulfilled.

*After a long struggle, in middle school, I joined a gang at the age of 13 and drowned out my depression with anger. Rumors had spread that I had killed my mom and kids began calling me killer. I accepted the name to avoid further quarrels and responded only to that name. This anger led me into studying dark forces and wicked spiritual realms.. I fought so much that I ended up in home school to try to catch up on my studies. The daily quarrels weighed down my education, so I had to go to summer school to level my grade.

*While in summer school, I came in contact with a rival gang member. Circa the age of 15, I contacted a “homeboy” to see if he could supply me with a gun to eliminate this rival and the day before I could get a “piece”, my mom’s best friend’s daughter (Marta) invited me to church. I had nothing to do so I went ahead and checked it out. During the service, which was held in an apartment building, I felt a strange tug in my heart. I went outside and sat on the metal steps and thought about my moms, my depression, my anger, and all of the situations that had overtaken me…It was then that Marta sat next to me and told me that Christ had died for me and conquered death so that I wouldn’t have to…God loved me so much that He came and sacrificed himself for my sins so that I could have a clean slate…This He did for me in Love so I wouldn’t have to die and I could go to heaven to be with my moms…

*Tears poured as I had prayed that prayer knowing deep inside me that was where I was supposed to be. I began to slowly change and felt free. I began going to church on Sundays and reading the Bible and learning more of God…If He could change me…He could do anything…It was at that moment that all the uncertainties of the world made sense.. A new journey had begun in me…