Scribes of Fire

Scribes of Fire


Cerebral sludge rock brewed in Brooklyn. Soulful, progressive, grungy hard rock that melts your face and tangles your psyche. A guild of sonic metallurgists fashioning weapons and medallions from riffs, grooves, and declamation.


Scribes of Fire was forged in the crucible of New York City by a myriad of musical and intellectual forces. In 2005, drummer Dan Kurfirst and singer Ben Abelson met at Hunter College in Manhattan, bonding over shared interests in philosophy, mysticism, and doom metal.

In the summer of '06,. Dan and Ben began jamming with Dan's long-time friend and collaborator, guitarist Phil Salvagione. Dan and Phil had been working together for some time on a new brand of cerebral fuzz-rock, fusing the frenetic machine gun intensity of modern metal and the elaborate riffage of prog with the brooding groove of grunge and southern rock.

With Abelson's gritty, soulful voice and dark, thoughtful lyrics added to the stew, the Scribes began to weave sonic tapestries that explore the haunting and disturbing possibilities of existence, not without a bit of jest and self-mockery.

In 2008, Adam Castro was added on bass guitar, finally completing the quaternity of rock once and for all.

The Scribes hone their craft in the bowels of Brooklyn, on the banks of the Gowanus canal, preferring their bleak surroundings to the glittery fashion parade of the boulevards.

The resulting music evokes images of the electric fury of a great storm and the desolation that follows Salvagione’s virtuosic guitar work utilizes the full spectrum of his instrument, from the familiar density of low-end chords to oddly satisfying melodies .

Behind this, Dan Kurfirst’s drumming shapes the music with a pulse that constantly makes itself known, articulating a rhythmically dictated melodiousness.

Abelson’s vocals retain the edge of the band while guiding listeners through their journey. His voice assumes many characters that are expressed through the honesty of his imaginative, seeking lyrics, which affirm the harmony of darkness and light that rests at the core of the band’s vision.

Adam Castro fills out the sound with thunderous combustion, all the while maintaining a keen sense of funk and a strangely efficient balance between deep-pocket thumpage and serene melodies that live in the high register.

In the Spring of '08, the Scribes recorded their first full-length album, Zauberer, followed by a successful U.S. tour, which took them as far south as Tennessee and as west as Missouri. Scribes of Fire has arrived to record, amplify, and irreverently declaim the events of reality's unfolding and decomposition. “Heed the call... squander all!”


Pink Lagooon

Written By: Ben Abelson

You left it out to boil in the sun

You left them out

Now watch 'em goin' down

You left it out to boil in the sun

You threw it up

Now watch it goin' down

The urge to say more

The cup spilling over now

Yet reckless we pour

Until we drown

Head on down that country road

Where all the twisted bodies stroll down


No container

There is danger

Vengeful hides will take more life

You left it out to boil in the sun

You left it out

Now watch it goin' down

The sick denouement of sludge boiling over now

So desperate we run for higher ground

Head on down that country road

Where all the mutant zombies grow

A legacy already sold

They'll swim that sea of blood and bone


There is no way to get out

This wound will never be repaired for everyone must have their share

Rancid pool of death is spreading wider


Written By: Ben Abelson


Let the shaking mask the guile
Teasing with that snake-toothed smile
Know when to laugh and when to groan
And when to move on all alone
The eyes that speak, they whisper pain
That follows us like the rain
We've wandered, we've hunted, we've buried the bones
But always behind us is where we are from
Where we'll return to lift the axe again

All signs point low
Eating through the world we grow
And duel with sorrow

The distance we've come
Now all of us know there's a place to be found

What it brings, it brings in waves
Brings it back behind the stage
Where figure and gesture are no less perceived
At every moment advantage to steal
For Eris knows our love is never free

All signs point low
Burning through the world we grow
And duel with sorrow

The distance we've come
Now all of us know there's a place to be found
And know wherever we fall
We'll see that below there's a ways to go down to you

The road is heavy
The sky has slowed
With clouds of stone

Speeding closer to the wall

We can Build You

Written By: Ben Abelson

We Can Build You

Awake with a shudder

Mimetic brother

Flick on your sensations

Your programmed intention

The fruit of our genius

You will redeem us

Original innocent

Wrought from a cleaner love

Genially holding out its hand

'What's your name?'

God's is a cold and frightening game

Learn to play

We can build you

Procreation has gone out of fashion

We'll simulate sentience according to preference

The next incarnation will be our perfection

The proof of our progress away from the filthy ground

Genially holding out its hand

'What's your name?'

Caught in its warm and honest gaze

We're not safe, no

Genially holding out its hand

'What's your name?'

God's is a cold and frightening game

Learn to play

Or to pray

Calm coated, powered by the sun

Auhentic, just apply the formal cause

Strong, silent, loyal as a dog

Non-violent 'til there's only room for one

Simulacrum of man is forged

Face humunculean swarm

'My name is war!'

We can build you

We can


This Leash Demeans Us Both (EP, 2007)
Zauberer (LP, 2008)

Set List

Set can be 30-75 minutes, usually around 45, which is about 6 songs.

Introvert Corps
Pink Lagoon
Demon Dust
We Can Build You
Ship of Fools
Eat the Thief
Beneath the Wheel
Never the Machine Forever (Soundgarden cover)
Sky is Falling (QOTSA Cover)