SCRiBE The Verbalist

SCRiBE The Verbalist

 Seattle, Washington, USA
SoloHip Hop

My music is always very melodic but primarily lyric driven. It can range from ambient to bass heavy to jazzy, but it always asks intelligent questions of the listeners.


The Legend of SCRiBE The Verbalist

In ancient times, the SCRiBE was trusted with the knowledge of the ages. This he transposed upon scrolls and tablets in the language of his people, so that they would remain as a testament of that which has been and that which is yet to come.

The Verbalist spoke the words of the SCRiBE to all the people. He spoke to those who could have read them but would not, and he spoke to the illiterate who could only listen.

From humble beginnings in The Bronx Estates and secondarily Kings County comes one trained in BOTH disciplines, SCRiBE The Verbalist. Who's ongoing mission is to reclaim the lost teachings for humanity and redistribute the knowledge of the ages. So he travels spreading these words to all of mankind.


Coffee Run *rated rare online classic by GOOGLE

Future Fetus *ten thousand sold hand to hand!

Set List

A typical set starts with
1)A Live Freestyle
and goes into a song produced by StatZ called
and then...
3)God decides the rest

a typical set goes from 15 minutes to 1 hour