Los Angeles, California, USA

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Franz Ferdinand
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Flaming Lips
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Scrote is a guitarist/producer from Los Angeles. In addition to his LA-based work, he also works in San Francisco, Austin, New York, Berlin, and many places in between and beyond. He performs across the US, Germany, Egypt, Holland, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, France, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, and Monaco.

He tours solo as w/his 2015 Europe Tour for his 'Awkward Songs Of Love, Sin, & General Mayhem', original combos as with his '8 Drummers/8 Cities' duo shows, and now his rockin' Double Bari Sax Attack group.

Scrote has produced, recorded and/or performed with a wide array of notable artists including: Daniel Johnston, Puscifer, Jackson Browne, No Doubt, Fred Frith, Angelo Moore (Fishbone), Tim Lefebvre, Benmont Tench, Blake Mills, Gaby Moreno, Paul Barker (Ministry), actor Gary Oldman, Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie, The Cure), Van Dyke Parks, Wayne Kramer (MC5), Rhys Chatham, Michael Des Barres, Holly Palmer, Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu), trumpeter Mark Pender, Earl Harvin, and many others.


Coming this October with the help of bassist Kaveh Rastegar, percussionist/drummer Danny Frankel, and drumer Blair Sinta.

The new 10 track album includes an eclectic array of topics: killers in love "Two Days", Feng Shui guidelines "Assess, Price, & Value", death by fire "No Miracle", impending Alzheimers "All Her Memories", anti-authority battle cry "Musta Been Outside", social decay "I See", discovery of a "Pocket Of Secrets", personal struggle "So When's It Done?", a backlash to heartbreak "Just Because I Want To", and a haunting ode to a train "Beautifully Loud".

"Check him out, he's an interesting character who is not only an excellent producer but also a talented singer, songwriter, and guitarist." (American Roots UK). Features Scrote with Holland Greco, Nicky Corbett, Ron Dziubla, Tim Lefebvre, Brett Simons, Blair Sinta, Branden Harper, Paul Barker, and Husky Hoskulds.

Written following the 2011- 8 cities/8 drummers tour, Scrote's EP, in his own words, “is a bonafide barn burner”, featuring dazzling talent from sax impresario Ron Dziubla (Jarvis Cocker, Nikka Costa), bassist Brett Simons (Fiona Apple, Chocolate Genius), bassist Tim Lefebvre (Elvis Costello, Nick Cave), and drummer Blair Sinta (Damien Rice, The Submarines).

SCROTE (2010)
Scrote’s self-titled debut solo album was released with musical influences running the gamut of his musical pursuits as mirrored in the other artists he's worked with - sometimes noisy, or melodic, sometimes ambient, or otherworldly, or just simply straight up rockin'. Recorded in Los Angeles and includes bassist Brett Simons (Fiona Apple, Chocolate Genius) and drummer Kevin Stevens (Neon Neon) with special guests, including David Bowie guitarist/collaborator Reeves Gabrels, legendary MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer, The Donnas' singer Brett Anderson, Foo Fighter keyboardist Rami Jaffee, and Les Claypool percussionist Mike Dillon.