Scuba, in the best tradition of Boston bands, is unpretentious and catchy. How do they combine that feedback, layered guitar sound with hooky bass and post-punk drums and still manage to get me singing those lovely melodies and lyrics in the shower like a Neil Diamond song that won't leave my head?


Scuba is a 4-piece Boston band playing original distortion-laced melodic indie-pop. Initially constituted in Boston in 2000, the current configuration launched in 2004.

Scuba was signed by the pioneering indie label Midriff Records in 2007. They released their self-titled debut that same year.

The line-up consists of 4 friends who met at the University of Connecticut in the 90's. Their influences include Swervedriver, My Bloody Valentine, Spacemen 3, Swell, Guided By Voices, The Beatings, New Order, and so forth.


Scuba - Scuba on Midriff Records 2007

Set List

8-20 songs of 3 to 6 minutes each.

break my heart in 1000 different ways
into the water, down to the bottom
hate it when you laugh
maybe it's different with johnny
just kids
king of infinite space