Guin, Alabama, USA

Scufflegrit was formed by Jared Chaffin and Matthew Aston, both born and raised in Guin, AL. One red light and a Factory, that is the towns heartbeat, dirt roads and cotton fields, and the Tennessee River. Raised on country and blues, which have been blended to form the sound of Scufflegrit.


Scufflegrit was formed in a small northwestern Alabama town. While they attended college at Jacksonville State University they played around the area in bars and private parties. Recently one of the members (Matthew Aston) joined the US Army and is currently stationed in Fort Drum, NY while Jared is working in Birmingham, AL. They haven't been able to do shows lately, but are currently writing and recording music on their own. They plan on releasing their next Album in mid 2011. You can look for shows near you starting after January of 2011, when Aston returns from his tour of duty.


(2009) Lyin', Stealin', and Litterin' : Track 7 Southern Boys, was voted 4th in the Hoss the Boss Song of the Month, and gets regular airplay in Corpus Christi, TX. The entire CD will soon be rotated on a show called CD of the Week, where the entire CD will be played on air. All the songs are on iTunes, Amazon,, Napster, and for streaming play.

(2011) A Lot Like Me : Has sold more copies than their previous album and is Scufflegrit's first full length work. It can be found on most digital distributors online, and the physical copies can be purchased through CD Baby or

Set List

Our sets usually range from 3 to 4 hours. What sets us apart from other bands is we never stop the music. We take a 30 min. break (tentative) at the 2 hour mark, but not at the same time. So the music never stops, which doesn't give the audience time to get restless. Our repertoire has a wide range of covers, plus our original songs. It ranges from Charlie Daniels, to the Rolling Stones, from Jimmy Buffet to Janis Joplin, if you would like our full set list please email me at