SCUL HAZZARDs make rock music that can be described as loud, deconstructed, noisy, structured, fragmented, experimental, free, fun, destructive, dizzy, ouch! my head hurts, what was that? can I help you? and exists somewhere between Big Black, The Jesus Lizard, and The Birthday Party


SCUL HAZZARDs are a guitar based noise rock band from Brisbane, Australia. They make aggressive deconstructulist rock sometimes within pop structures, but often through deconstructing these sensibilities their most unique work is created. Regardless of what path their arrangements take they always create dense and interesting songs and strive to make them complex yet accessible.

While their early releases (knee deep in blood that isn’t ours single, and House of Heads EP) were for the most part primal in nature their most recent material (Count Less Dead EP), retains much of their primitive aggression but is far more complex and focused. This is in part due to a lineup change - two members leaving (one to join New Zealand’s Die! Die! Die!) - and more importantly because of the remaining and additional members matured approach leading to more intuitive and measured playing, and more complicated arranging.

The Count Less Dead EP is just a taste of what is to come, as you read this SCUL HAZZARDs will be working on demos of more than an album’s worth of material which will completely eclipse any or their previous work. It will be more aggressive, more primal, more focused, more deconstructed, and more accessible. SCUL HAZZARDs also record all their own music and with the post House of Heads addition of another engineer to the band their raw, realistic, yet focused sound is only going to become more unique.

While SCUL HAZZARDs have toured Australia extensively in the past year and a half including shows with Comets on Fire, Die! Die! Die!, The Mint Chicks, Grey Daturas, Shooting at Unarmed Men (ex-Mclusky), Pelican (soon to be added to this list), and a spot at Brisbane’s Valley Fiesta, they aim towards taking their music internationally with a relocation to England and the release of their debut album on the cards for 2008.


COUNT LESS DEAD (Valve, 2007)
1. Lines in the Dirt - Received Australian nation airplay on JJJ, is played on numerous local radio stations.
2. So Long
3. Junket
4. Copicats
5. Vague Dream

All songs from this release have been played on numerous local and community radio stations throughout Australia, England, and France.
Most songs are available for streaming at or

HOUSE OF HEADS (Valve, 2006)
1. I Choke
2. Kill Those Rangers Now - Received national Australian airplay
3. Somebody isn't Home
4. These Skeleton Keys
5. House of Heads

Most of the songs from this release have received airplay of local/community across Australia, and France.

KNEE DEEP IN BLOOD THAT ISN'T OURS (Self-released, 2006)
1. Knee deep in blood that isn't ours
2. Sinatra

Set List

Our typical set is usually comprised of a combination of these previously released songs as well as many new songs which are currently being demoed for a new album. We can also perform covers of Scentless Apprentice by Nirvana, Kerosene by Big Black, and Reverence by The Jesus and Marychain, however it is rare that we play these songs as they are usually reserved for "party" vibe shows.