The idea of the "Scutternash" project was born in 1996 from the vocalist Raff Ierace that after different musical and discographic experiences in Germany (band "Strassenblitz") and in northern Italy (band "Amplex 69") moves to Calabria.
Here, together whit an old friend, the bass-guitarist Cosimo Manno, begins the search of musicians to recruit, like the guitarist Mike La Rizza (in 1998) and subsequently in 1999, the drummer Nazza Pisani (this old friend of infancy of Raff and Cosimo has different experiences in smaller groups).
The four components succeed immediately in melting their different artistic and musical tendencies giving origin to a warm, modern and actual sound of Hard Rock. The notable artistic abilities of Raff, gifted with an intense and exciting voice that can be hot tempered, melodic and passionate to necessity, mixed whit the fresh compositiveness of the guitarist, brings a stylistic imprint to the birth of a very original, mature and involving sound that distinguishes the band.

In 2000 they record first self-produced Demo "Hypnotizer" that subsequently brings at the end of 2001 to the realization of their first official album "Real Fire", characterized by an explosive mixture, rich of immediate Riff and with exciting passages and loads of energy, immediately appreciated by the local public from which is formed a first team of fans that follow, sustain and promote the band.
After the participation to different musical demonstrations around Italy, the group at the end of 2005 is forced to an interruption by the exit from the band of the bass-guitarist, for personal reasons (Manno will keep collaborating, to sustain and to support, even if from a distance the group).

At the end of 2006 the three remaining components start searching for substitute able to amalgamate with the style created by the band, and after various auditions with local musicians, they succeed in engaging two new components whit excellent technical qualities and with evident artistic composer potentialities.
From "Apocalypse" arrive Manny Loielo at bass and Dave Cusano at the rhythmic guitar (both old acquaintances and friends of the components of the group).
After several live performances, in 2007 the band realizes their third work “Resurrection Fever”.

For the unexpected death of Cosimo Manno in 2010 the band will record unedited pieces realized with the bassist and never published, transforming this way the demo “Hypnotizer” in the first official record of the band in memory of the latter.
At the end of 2010 the band will return to the studios for the recording of their fourth record titled “Made to be Damned”……………….

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..Hypnotizer (2000)..

1. Hypnotizer (night version)
2. Pleasures of the flash
3. Hard living man
4. Living machine (demo version)
5. Swim in the slime
6. Ammazza il prete
7. This world is empty (demo)
8. True skin
9. Goodbye to paradise
10. Lost my mind (dark version)
11. Whispers in the universe

..Real Fire (2001)..

1. Real fire
2. Freeman
3. This world is empty
4. Lost my mind
5. Overload
6. Living machine
7. Hypnotizer
8. Backbiter
9. Stardust
10. Pull the trigger
11. Nightman
12. What are you afraid of

..Resurrection Fever (2007)..

1. Trident
2. After the end
3. Out of control
4. Sons of the city
5. Eyes in the storm
6. Sweet little suicide
7. Reptile love
8. Living in the darkside
9. Resurrection fever
10. Scutter for freedom
11. Sandy

.Made to be damned (2010)..

1. Made to be damned
2. Dogs life
3. Whisky dancer
4. Iron wire
5. Train of lust
6. The finger
7. Addicted
8. Bad dream
9. Fuck you
10. Runaway
11. Broken bones
12. Smell of burning