Scythe Of Dante

Scythe Of Dante


Fast, technical, melodic metal with a balance of hellacious growls and traditional clean singing.


Scythe Of Dante was formed in the winter of 2011 by Guitar player
Mathew Tretola and drummer Matt Loucks. After many member changes
and a band name change, Scythe Of Dante was born and Guitar player
Steven Feliciano joined the band. After going through a couple more
member changes Mat, and Steve decided to do vocals instead of continuing the
search for a front man. The band now resides in
Schenectady, NY.Their self titled debut EP was digitaly
released on November 30th 2012 and can be downloaded from itunes,
Google Play, Amazon, Xbox Music and many others. The band is
currently Writing new songs for a full length album they plan
to release in the fall of 2013.


Self titled debut EP is now up on itunes, Amazon, Google Play, Xbox music and many others for download.

Set List

We can do up to a 45 minute set.