Owings Mills, Maryland, USA

I have a passion for Christ and my desire is to create music that can go beyond the four walls of regular church service and still maintain the integrity of the gospel of Jesus Christ


S-Dee, born Segun Daramola, has a message to tell. And it’s through the vehicle of music that he’s chosen to spread that message. With a goal of “telling it wherever he goes”, the born again Christian is blessed with a talent for music and a passion for Christ. Hailing from Nigeria, S-Dee has been influenced by his African roots, but what he has to say, or should I say, sing, is a universal truth. The singer, songwriter and producer, has had the chance to open up for major gospel artists such as Byron Cage, Jonathan Nelson, Martha Munizzi and Ron Kenoly.

Growing up in Christian home, his musical journey began in the church. At a young age, he joined the choir at the prompting of the group’s director. Searching for males to round out the tenor section, he asked S-Dee to become a part and that was the beginning of his love affair with gospel music. Later, he taught himself the piano and became proficient on keyboards. Desiring to be more than just a good musician, he ultimately dreamed of becoming a great producer. “For me, the pull to create music was so strong,” says S-Dee. “Once I decided that I wanted to produce music, I began developing myself as a singer.” At the same time he was honing his singing skills, he was also being called upon to produce songs for other artists.

While in college, he and a few friends formed a group and his singing career took flight. They toured around Nigeria and saw some nominal success.

S-Dee says he left The Motherland to travel to America for one simple reason. “Opportunities,” says S-Dee, “that’s why I decided to come to America. There are so many more opportunities here for me to pursue my passion of music and to grow my music ministry. Also, I love the style of music here in the States.”

Once arriving in the USA, he found what would become his church home, The Redeemed Christian Church of God, also known as Jesus House Baltimore. The Pastor, Tola Odutola, embraced his talents there and S- Dee not only led praise and worship after joining the choir, but he eventually became the Minister of Music. His new role was the next step in his journey as he pursued his purpose as an artist and full-time music ministry.

Currently, S-Dee is one of the worship Leaders in Jesus House Baltimore.