passion; purpose; conviction. This is the musical outlet of Talasi Chimene.


It is with an eager spirit and a passion for "all things music" that singer/songwriter Talasi Chimene has embarked on the mission of compiling the best of her life's work. With raw talent and an instinctive knack for musicianship, Talasi Chimene began her musical career as a child and has been wowing audiences across Canada ever since. Influenced by an ecclectic mix of artists ranging from Kimya Dawson to Alanis Morissette to Cat Stevens, etc, Talasi creates a unique blend of folk, jazz and oldies that is sure to please any musical soul.


A book of Old Poems [To be released: Fall, 2008]

Set List

Flexibility is the key word. Sets can take on a variety of lengths and styles. I have a full repetoire of original tunes, as well as a mixture of covers including the works of Joni Mitchell, Simon and Garfunkel and Sarah Harmer, etc.