SDoun is an amazing talent. His influences are eclectic, & his comparisons range from Elton John to Alicia Keys (he performed a duet with Alicia @ ‘Keep a Child Alive’) His unique sound is taken from the aforementioned, adding in his classical training and topped with his powerful voice


SDoun is an R&B singer that could’ve never been. A child prodigy, SDoun had aspirations to be a
concert pianist and ultimately to conduct his own orchestra. “I had posters of Mozart and
Beethoven on my walls” reflects the rising star.
He began playing piano at 7, quite late for someone of his talent. By 11 he found his place and
not only began composing and performing his own music but auditioned for and gained
admittance to the prestigious Manhattan School of Music. By 15 he was sitting on stage at
Carnegie Hall, and received an award for Piano Excellence from Oxford’s Trinity College for that
He truly never envisioned himself in this area of music “I definitely never meant to be a popular
music performer. I wanted to be a conductor or a concert pianist” But one day when playing piano
while at a friends house (who is now his drummer and producer, Peter Savad) His friend
introduced him to the music of Billy Joel…and his eyes were opened. “I never thought music could
feel like that” SDoun recalls. Now, with his debut album- ‘for “The Hearing” ’, he pulls in his fans
to experience the world through his pale green eyes with music and lyrics that speak to our
moments of great joy and the pain of loss.


For the Hearing-2006