Small Dog Syndrome

Small Dog Syndrome


We are a 4-piece punk/ska/experimental group comprised of completely different people, sharing completely different interests and influences to produce music that will not only massage the inside of your ears, but provide you with an entertaining, unforgettable performance that will blow you away!


The band was founded in September 2011 by Nortnii Veronica Rose, a 4'11 midget girl who sings, plays guitar, synth and writes songs. During this time, She met Tommy Alba(a guy who was pretty much about to give up on finding a new project and continue on with his life.) Shortly after saving him from conforming into what everyone becomes in their mid-twenties, they found Mark Rameriz, a long time, SERIOUSLY old friend of Nort's who just so happened to become a rather amazing shredder and trumpet player. Now, all they needed was a bassist.... They went through a few different dudes trying out for them, until they met Jeremy Gonzalez... an open minded, very skilled bassist who tends to smile all the time, even when he's mad... The cherry on top!

Small Dog Syndrome has been playing since then, and will continue to play for 10000000 years! Even when we're dead. So come on out to our show, sit back, relax, enjoy a beer, skank around, dance, do the macarena, whatever, let's just have fun!


2011 - Small Dog Syndrome's FIRST demo

2013 - EP to be released by JULY!

Set List

1. Small Dog Syndrome
2. Eggs N Bread
3. Cloak N Dagger
4. Tour life
5. It's not pro...
6. To hang yer head low
7. Las Gaygus
8. Chapter 12
9. Member dat? (in the works!)
10. Emily (in the works!)
11. Flip a coin games
12. Two Cents