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My music is a breath of fresh air to the industry. I'm Here to bring hip hop back to the basis with a detailed flow and a sincere view of life that will enlighten young & old listeners.


Se7eN started out in the streets of North Carolina freestyling and blessing mics with a local DJ "Chinky Ezes". As a youngster sports was the path chosen until music chose him. He began writing poetry in high school just expressing thoughts on the daily until those thoughts turned into flows and those flows turned into songs. He graduated from Kings Mtn. High in 2001 with a football scholarship to attend WCU. Little did he know that he actually was on his way to start a music career in the valley of Cullowhee. In the first year of college Se7eN met another Emcee from New Jersey by the name of Shoreshot, who was the missing piece of the puzzle. The two Emcees started what today is known as S7, a lyrically force to be reckoned with. Se7eN released his first LP in the summer of 2003 titled "Mic Confexshuns" produced by a hot upcoming producer out of Gastonia, NC Flip Banga. The album flooded the Cleveland County area showcasing the lyrically skills of a very talented Emcee on the rise. He began performing shows all over Cleveland county, Charlotte, and WCU. Se7eN has performed at many venues across NC and has had enough experience on stage to take it to the next level. He is currently working on his sophomore album titled "The New Breed" featuring a list of NC's hottest upcoming producers such as; Flip Banga, DJ Chinky Ezes, and Russell Hemby. The album will also be featuring an Emcee killing the air waves out of NJ, Shoreshot. Also on Sept. 3 2005 Se7eN will be performing a the UNIVERSAL HILTON HOTEL AND RESORTS in LA, at 7:00pm sharp, for a record contract offered by Flaxgold Entertainment, Lets wish him good luck.


"Mic Confexshuns" released to 2003
"The New Breed" will be release Dec. 2005

Se7eN has featured on numerous Mixtapes in the local area and he's currently working on releasing the first LP of S7 the ill Duo featuring Shoreshot from NJ, and Se7eN from NC.

Set List

I can do long or short sets whatever is needed.
30mins, to an 1hr, even 2hrs, I have enought material.

"Mic Confexshuns"
1. Go 2 War
2. Warrior Soldier
3. Sometimez
4. Why Was I
5. Truth
6. Da Fire
7. How many Mics
8. S.E.7.E.N
9. Holla @ Me
10. Se7en Days

I have more songs that are not listed in with "Mic Confexshuns" and yes I'm more than willing to do covers for shows.