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It's the New Breed with an Old Soul. Good music for the people to rock with and live by. The son of Hip Hop, and a New Voice of the streets with a strong presence and commanding flow. Rap Is Something you Do - Hip Hop Is what We LIVE*


Se7eNeves aka Matthew Ash was born and raised in the small town of Kings Mtn, NC to two loving parents that instilled hard work and determination in all three of their children in the early years of American hardship. Destined to fulfill his dream as a professional football player Se7eNeves began playing sports as a way out of the harsh and unforgiving environment that the streets of Cleveland County presented. Music has always been a strong part of his life, from playing drums in his hometown church to performing in local talent shows around the area. In the fall of 2001 Se7eNeves graduated from Kings Mtn High School and left Cleveland County on a football scholarship to Western Carolina University. With his dreams of becoming a professional football player so close, Se7eNeves took a drastic change of course when he quit the Football team to pursue a music career as a Hip Hop artist. Linking up with J-Shore Shot a fellow up and coming artist from Brick, NJ. The duo joined together to form the group “S7” and began writing and recording songs that grabbed the attention of other students and faculty at the school. This opened up doors for them to do live performances at campus clubs, radio stations and venues around the area. In 2003 Se7eNeves released his first solo album titled, “Mic Confexshuns”, which proved his place as an Emcee on the rise, with great lyrically content and good substance for the people. With the local hit single “Why Was I” Se7eNeves began performing at venues across the country, with the help of well established music professionals such as; Gregory Ross, Joyce White, and Anthony Scoe. After receiving a BA in “CIS” (Computer Information System) from WCU, Se7eNeves moved to Greensboro, NC to continue his journey as an aspiring artist. In 2007 he released his sophomore solo album titled “The New Breed”. This established Se7eNeves as a force to be reckoned with in the Hip Hop industry. With the hit single “Hokey Pokie” produced by the well known production group “The Runners”, Se7eNeves has broken barriers in Hip Hop game with creating music that is transparent across all generations and races. From the success of the album and encouragement from friends and family, Se7eNeves and his crew have joined together to start there own label called, “New Breed Ent.” With the road wide open and the train moving strong you can expect to hear and read more about this artist in the future. “We Are Only As Strong As Those Who Stand With Us. Peace –N- Purpose.” For more information and music, check out


Hokey Pokie

Written By: Se7eneves

Go head – Go head gone - Let me see you - Work it out/
Do the Hokey Pokie and Shake it All About/
Take it down to the Ground – Then Turn it All Around/
Go Head Work it out let me hear you Scream and Shot – Like/
Go – Go - ah – Go Head – Work it Out/
Go – Go - ah – Go Head – Work it Out/
Go – Go - ah – Go Head – Work it Out/
We Can do this Right here in the North or The South Tonight!/

1st verse
Yeah you heard right it’s the Hokey Pokie/
A lil-something to Dance to Dosey-Dosey/ - uh
Throw them hands see you must not Know me/
But it’s ya boy Neves from the 704 Man/
Get wit the program – The Train is Rolling/
The Lanes is Open – The pedals to the Floor – And/
I might stop just to brush off the Jordan’s/
But otherwise I’m either writing or Recording/
Rhymers now days either biting or just Boring/
The New Breeds here in flight yeah soaring/
I don’t make it rain I make it pour Man/
Come thru like a monsoon and destroy lands/
All hands on deck I demand your respect/
Ah rookie or a vet we can put’em in check/
Throw ya hands up – Now put cha hands down/
Throw ya hands up – And Turn it all Around/

2nd verse
Let’s get it going the club is already over flowing/
And the beat is banging and shaking just like a wind storm/
Stay calm we don’t want nobody here to panic/
The games dying a slow death we need a medic/
So put the right mics up in the lime light/
Ya style lack luster like diamonds that won’t shine right/
And I don’t need 5 mics for a highlight/
Can’t even pick ah single because they all tight/
I’m ah boss like Tony Soprano/
And Real Gifted like Ray Charles play the Piano/
How I jump on the mental I put the pups in the kennel/
There’s only big dogs walking around wit real potential/
Son I’ll send you right back home/
So don’t come around here and try and take my Bone/
Go head work it out do it on your own/
Go head work it out in the car on ya Phone/

3rd verse.
NC – to – NJ – to VA – MI – Yes it’s I the Real Emcee/
Them say – We don’t play but no Compendia/
When they - come my way – I’m gonna Then Lay/
The smack down – Cats Now the Real Sin say/
Is Back now – Back Down – I’m Gonna End they/
Career – This Here – Is on FIRE/
It’s Clear – This Year – Is All SIRE/
Coming up behind ya – Repping the Carolinas/
The Grass stays greener the Honeys here are Finer/
We Breed Emcees Not bubble gum Rhymers/
Tags on they Neck say Made in China/
Turn the lights low – I’m going into Hype mode/
Leave’em in the dust like the Mic had Nitro/
Go head work it out let tonight go/
And don’t hold back cause the Pressure just might Blow/



1st LP - "Mic Confexshuns" 03
Mixtape - "S7 New Beginnings" 04
Mixtape - "Q.C Fam Ent. Round 1" 04
Mixtape - "Q.C Fam Ent. Round 2" 05
1st EP - "Se7eN Days" 06
2nd EP - "T.N.B. 007" 07
2nd LP - "The New Breed" 07

Set List

Typical Set last b/w 15 - 45 minutes. (Flexible)**
Songs Range b/w 3 - 8 Songs per set. (Flexible)**
Track List Varies depending on Event.(Flexible)**

Basic Show Track List:
1. New Breed Intro.
2. Can U Handle That
3. Whatever It Takes
4. Come Follow This Music
5. Let's Go Let's Ride
6. Hookie Pokey
7. Just Us Now
8. OverDue
9. What I Am
10. Those Before Us

(For Events and Shows the track lists are setup based on request and promoter recommendations.)