Se7en Sharp

Se7en Sharp

 Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Remember the great alt-rock of the 90's such as Audioslave, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and others? Well, we're bringing that back, mixed with a great pop sensibility, and huge, sing-a-long choruses. This car has several gears, and we intend to showcase them all.


They say life is a journey. Well sit back and let
Se7en Sharp do the driving. With scorching solos, raucous riffs, and thunderous beats, you'll quickly forget that you're not listening to a band packing stadiums on their third world tour. Yet.
Se7en Sharp is a band out of Little Rock, Arkansas intent on pursuing their passion for music the only way they know how; by getting their hands dirty. Their snarling guitars and full throttle rhythm section show that this band was built to rock, while never overshadowing their great songwriting skills. With poignant lyrics, sing-a-long choruses, and soaring melodies, one listen lets you know this band has something special. And, with appearances on “Big Rock” 93.3 FM, and slots opening for bands such as Smile Empty Soul, Earshot, Rehab, and Alien Ant Farm, the public seems to agree. Their Showcase at this year's Arkansas Riverfest was one of the most highly attended! They'll take you to the edge with their brand of punchy, powerful modern rock, then envelop you with one of their smoother numbers such as “Kami”, which has been featured on several mainstream and college radio stations. All this, coupled with their electric stage presence and dedication to their craft, leaves fans begging for more.
Se7en Sharp aims to bring great songwriting back to modern rock radio, while cementing themselves as a band to watch for in the coming years. One night, one show, one song, and you'll know why people simply can't get enough: Se7en Sharp Rocks!


EP - EPic
The tracks "Kami", "Get in Line", and "CFC" have gotten local and regional airplay on modern rock stations.