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Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Rock Indie




"Regina Morning Live"

Ontario's own Sea Perry talk about their new album and give us a taste of their performance Wednesday night at Bushwakker. - CTV News

"Watch the premiere of Sea Perry's new video "Molly's Shoes""

The energetic track behind the John Alden Milne-directed video was created collaboratively around the band’s campsite at the Boots and Hearts festival last summer. “Chris started singing the ‘oh oh oh’ melody true to form as it is today,” the band says. “Our new friends quickly started in with the chant, and before we knew it some new faces started to join in. This whole ceremonious moment passed by so quick, but had forever changed us in a way that we could not even fathom.”

Sea Perry will be completing a west coast Canadian tour from May 22 through June 6. Check out the full dates and locations here. - Aux TV

"CBC Songs You Need To Hear"

It’s that time of the week again – CBC Hamilton reporter Adam Carter is back with his three picks for new Ontario music that you need to listen to this week.

Adam is on the air each week on CBC Radio for In the Key of C, hosted by Craig Norris. He’ll choose three Ontario bands or artists that are releasing new music for your listening pleasure. Here are this week’s picks:

Sea Perry: Molly's Shoes

First up this week is a new track from Sudbury band Sea Perry called Molly’s Shoes.

This tune might be the happiest song we've heard in years. Some people might consider the chorus a little on the hokey side with its "Come on love, it's my drug, everyone here just needs a hug" refrain — but you can’t deny how catchy this thing is. - CBC Music

"Exclaim! Sea Perry "Molly's Shoes""

Sudbury, ON folk rock outfit Sea Perry are ready to unveil their new single "Molly's Shoes," and has got you covered with an exclusive premiere.

The three-piece, composed of friends Chris Milligan (guitar/vocals), Chad Bouchard (drums) and Shawn Fisher (bass), bonded over a love of folk music and passion for performing. In the wake of releasing of their Why the Folk Not? EP, the group have played at festivals Boots and Hearts, Big Music Fest and the Northern Lights Festival. Now, they're ready to look ahead with a brand new tune.

"Molly's Shoes" is chockfull of cheery "oh-oh-oh's" and "hey hey!" refrains that make it a bright, upbeat listen about young love. An ode to letting loose and partying it up, lyrics about dancing and hugs prevail in the catchy tune.

The guitar packs a bit more punch than your standard folk ballads and is coupled with a clap-along drumbeat, making for a bubbly, dance-friendly number.

Sea Perry will release an as-yet-undetailed full-length on March 31, and they already have a few dates lined up in support of the record. For now, though, get your first listen to "Molly's Shoes" below.

Tour dates:

03/26 Kingston, ON - Tucan
03/27 Montreal, QC - Barfly
03/28 Ottawa, ON - AvantGarde - Exclaim!

"Exclusive Video Premiere: Sea Perry – “Pressure""

Although coined via their own Twitter description as “just three turds playing some music”, we know Sudbury’s Sea Perry offer a lot more than the comment suggests. Comprised of Chris Milligan (guitar, vocals), Shawn Fisher (bass, keys), and Chad Bouchard (drums), the trio released their debut rock record Do What You Do back in April of this year.

Today, we’re thrilled to premiere the lyric video for an insanely kinetic track taken from the record entitled Pressure. Upbeat, raw, and full of character, you’re going to want to make sure your speakers are on eleven before pressing play (trust us — this is a song you want to hear loud). When commenting on the release, Sea Perry vocalist Milligan shared with AMBY;

“Pressure was inspired by the band’s punk rock roots and we feel the song captivates the feeling of being young and rebellious. It’s a step in a different direction but, still embodies a sense of pop.”

Exclusively watch Pressure on AMBY and follow updates from Sea Perry below. Do What You Do is available for download via iTunes and their forthcoming tour dates can be found here:
Oct 23 – Sudbury ON @ The Townhouse
Oct 24 – Montreal QC @ Le Cagibi
Oct 29 – Halifax NS @ The Carleton
Oct 30 – Moncton NB @ Plan b
Oct 31 – Fredericton NB @ Hollywood Star House - A Music Blog, Yea?

"CTV News On Set for the video shoot of "Molly's Shoes""

CTV News reported live on the set of Sea Perry's music video shoot for "Molly's Shoes" - CTV News

"Morning North Sea Perry to shoot 'Molly's Shoes' music video in Sudbury"

Exciting times for Sudbury band Sea Perry6:15

After releasing the single "Molly's Shoes" earlier this year, members of the Sudbury band Sea Perry say the next step is to shoot a music video for the song in their home town.

They're turning to local production company Green Boots for the project — a firm that’s been making music videos in Sudbury for the past five years.

While the niche market has its challenges, producer Anne Boulton said music videos have the ability to kick-start a band's career.

"Once you see it, you can't unsee it, so the visuals become part of that piece. They're married in a way that changes it forever," she said.

Bassist Shawn Fisher said the hope is that the video will expose their music to a record label and new fans.
Anne Boulton

Anne Boulton runs Sudbury film production company Green Boots. (Olivia Stefanovich/CBC)

"The visual representation and building a branding through your image is so key to a band's success or any business or any kind of creative endeavour,” he said.

“You have to have some kind of perception image-wise. I think it's impossible to do that without a music video. That's just the kind of generation that we live in and that's what the audience wants to seize. That's how they're going to perceive who we are as a band."

A teacher of music trends at Cambrian College said Sudbury is a natural breeding ground for music videos because of the city's healthy film and music industries.

Mike Large said he believes it's only a matter of time before the Nickel City delivers a big hit.

"I think it's going to take that one artist that has that one amazing song that is going to catch the attention of a lot of people and start to go viral."

Sea Perry hopes to release the music video for "Molly's Shoes" sometime before the summer.

The band is expected to make a casting call for extras soon. - CBC News

"Exclaim! Exclusive album premiere - "Do What You Do""

Exclusive album premiere of "Do What You Do." - Exclaim!

"Sea Perry: More than matching anchor tattoos"

The guys of Sea Perry are soul mates. That’s how bass/keys player Shawn Fisher describes the rarity of finding the right creative “compadres.” Fisher, along with bandmates Chris Milligan (guitar/vocals) and Chad Bouchard (drums) met through a combination of university classes, mutual friends, girlfriends, word of mouth and the music scene in Sudbury, ON.

The “three amigos” display matching anchor tattoos on their wrists, symbolizing their bond and band, plus a reference to the group’s first song, “Anchors.” The spontaneous ink didn’t turn out perfectly, but the guys are fine with that.

“It’s almost cooler this way, it’s more rough,” Fisher says.

When it comes to collaboration in songwriting, the three are on “the exact same wavelength of an emotion,” Fisher notes. The trio believes in getting uncomfortable and vulnerable, pushing themselves to their “wits’ end” to see results.

“All we want to do is just make the best product, and sometimes we push each other,” Fisher explains. “Sometimes it’s hard, but we wouldn’t get the product that we have without pushing ourselves, and having that level of trust and vulnerability with each other is important.”

Fisher defines Sea Perry’s music as “Canadian Rock,” which, to him, means a “rural sensibility” that is present even in more urban areas.

“There’s this raw, almost country-esque, or folk-esque edge to our music that kind of gives it just a little bit of flair,” he adds. “I think that’s pretty synonymous with Canadian music on the East Coast.”

In 2013, Sea Perry released its debut EP, Why The Folk Not?, and the band is following it up the full-length album Do What You Do, released in April.

“The world will throw whatever it has at you, but all you can do is do what you do at the end of the day and make everything the best it can be. It’s almost like a challenge,” Fisher says of the album’s concept. “Bring it on.”

Do What You Do grapples with the battle of adolescence (which encompasses the mid-twenties, according to Fisher) and adulthood (thirties)—a tug of war between hope and despair.

“The only time that we’re kids is when we’re creating music together,” he says.

The guys are also “hopeless romantics,” Fisher adds.

“The mantra of the album is finding love, and being hopeful in the pursuit of love, and coming to grip with changes as you get older.”

Mon, Jun 1 - Vue Weekly

"Sea Perry makes its debut in Saskatchewan"

Folk-rock band Sea Perry is hitting the road following the release of their debut album this past April.

The Sudbury, Ont., band is made up of Chris Milligan (guitar, vocals), Chad Bouchard (drums), and Shawn Fisher (bass), who will be making their first performance in Lloydminster, and also in all of Saskatchewan.

Fisher describes the group as a party band that makes very energetic music that people can dance to.

“We’re definitely going to be coming in there and we want to tear down the place, that’s the goal of what we’re trying to do with our time,” Fisher said.

Do What You Do, their debut album, was released on April 21 and was produced by Michael Jack, who has also worked with bands such as The Trews, Big Sugar, and Rush. Fisher says it was surreal to have the album released because it had been in the works for the last two years, with some songs being composed immediately when the band was created, and some that were written three weeks before they went into the studio. As a result, Fisher says you can hear an evolution within the songs and a different range of emotions on the album, while still being very cohesive-sounding.

Since its release, a very receptive audience has supported the album, something Fisher attributes to the fact Sea Perry is an independent band, which makes for a more personal connection with the people getting access to their music.

“This has been done all by ourselves so it’s really rewarding to see what happens, the difference between doing all the work and doing all that, and then to see some tangible interaction from it,” Fisher said. “It’s really crazy to see, and it’s really surreal all the support, and how awesome everybody has been.”

On Wednesday, May 20, the official music video for the single Molly’s Shoes off the album was released exclusively on AUX.TV ( before ending up on Sea Perry’s YouTube channel ( the next day. Regarding the scope of the project, Fisher says it was the biggest production they have ever been involved in and it felt a lot like being on a movie set. The band turned to Sudbury production film production Green Boots who shot an entire women’s hockey game for the video.

“It’s funny because when you go to do a music video, you think that you’re going to be doing a lot of work all day, but we didn’t really have that much work to do, all the hockey players, they pretty much did all the work all the time,” Fisher said. “All we did was really just sit around and let them do their thing.”

This summer Sea Perry is planning to perform at many music festivals before embarking on an east coast tour in September. In addition Fisher says the group already has enough songs for a second album, and is also thinking ahead to next summer and next winter.

“That’s just the nature of the game,” Fisher said. “A year isn’t that long in the landscape of the music industry, and we’ve all learned very, very quickly that it takes a lot of planning to make something happen in a year from now, and you put a lot of things out there to make something happen in the future.”

Sea Perry will be playing at The Root on Tuesday, June 2. Fisher says the band would like to see as many people as possible come out and show their support.

“We’re small town guys and we’re fun,” Fisher said. “We are just looking to have a good time and meet some people and show them our music, and any way that people want to contact us they can. We’re willing to do anything, (if) people want to meet up with us and play some acoustics with us during the day and hang out. Big shout to all of Lloydminster to come and hang out with us. - Meridian Booster

"3 Members Makes Sea Perry 1 Solid Band"

Old, and new material, coexist quite nicely on Sea Perry's first full-length album.

Chad Bouchard (drums), Shawn Fisher (bass) and Chris Milligan (guitar, vocals) formed the Sudbury-based folk-rock band about two-and-a-half years ago.

An EP, Why the Folk Next?, quickly followed the trio joining forces. The 10 tracks for Do What You Do, released in late April, were drawn from material penned from 2013 right through to shortly before going into the studio for their follow-up effort.

"We were trying to make a cohesive album," said Fisher in a telephone interview from Montreal on Thursday. "Some of the newer stuff that we have written, it's really good. But it doesn't lend itself well (to the new disc). I think that's a big thing with bands. You have to pick and choose what songs make sense and what kind of story you're trying to tell."

Sea Perry plays Algoma's Water Tower Inn on July 11.

A video for the song Molly's Shoes was filmed at an arena in Azilda, north of Sudbury. It's the same patch of ice where Bouchard and Fisher played hockey growing up.

Fisher's original idea was to feature an "overly serious street hockey game" in the shoot. A production company Sea Perry worked with suggested "a real hockey game, like Slap Shot," said Fisher.

"It turned out pretty awesome," he said.

References to the 1977 feature film starring Paul Newman are easily spotted. There's a nod to the Hanson Brothers, the trio of pugilists who suited up for the Charlestown Chiefs. The video includes a brawl and Bouchard, Fisher and Milligan decked out in referee jerseys. The trio perform on the ice, a feat that involved the band "slipping all over the place," but with no major injuries suffered.

The disc's title track, also the last one written for the new release, "captured the collective mantra of the album." Do What You Do acknowledges "there's a lot more obstacles" for young musicians committed to their craft.

"It sounds easy on paper," said Fisher. "It's like you've got a guitar and you got some friends and then you get together and do it. But outside shows, jamming, there's so many things that get thrown in the way. The world can throw what it wants at you, but you have to do what you do. Bring it on and keep it going."

Sea Perry has recruited other musicians to join them for live dates, but they prefer to keep the band as a three piece.

"The overall rapport, the interaction, the relationship that we have with each other, it'd be much harder if we had another person," said Fisher. "We get a really good sound with the three of us somehow. I don't know how, but somehow we sound really big for a three piece. We make it work that way."

Sea Perry also plays Wawa Music Festival on July 10 and Loplops on Aug. 7. The band plays at Wawa Motor Inn at midnight.

On the web: - The Sault Star

"Show Review - Sea Perry"

It was the day of Lilac Festival in Calgary. It was super hot out and 4th street was unbelievably crowded. This festival is an annual thing for me, but this time I was on a mission, to see for myself what all the fuss about the band Sea Perry was all about.

Sea Perry is composed of Chris Milligan (vocals/guitar), Shawn Fisher (bass/keys) and Chad Bouchard (drums). They are from Sudbury, ON, and have been together only two years! A fact you would never guess while watching them on stage. The musical chemistry between them is transparent. The trio played a number of songs off their first full length album “Do what you do” including “No where to go”, “Lion”, “Burning California” and “Molly’s shoes” which they just released a video for on May 22nd.

The energy of this show was incredible even on such a small stage with hardly room to move around freely. It didn’t take long for people to really get into it and get up and start dancing. And dance they did, like I had never seen before. The vibe was nothing but positive and happy, everyone was having a great time and it was completely infectious. The crowd got larger and larger with every song they played as the music filled the street pulling more and more people in. These guys really know how to play live music! From flawless vocals to immaculate instrumentals, in just over 45 minutes Sea Perry captivated everyone within ear shot, including myself.

I went without knowing much about Sea Perry and left totally in love with the music, energy and overall positivity of the entire experience. If you ever get a chance to see them live I highly recommend you do, I know I will be next chance I get. And make sure to check out their album “Do what you do”. - Canadian Beats

"Sea Perry - Molly's Shoes Single Release"

After forming in Sudbury in 2013, spirited folk-rockers Sea Perry wasted no time in releasing a promising debut EP Why The Folk Not. They have big plans for 2015, promising to return to the studio in early March to record their first full-length album (it's being Pledgefunded), followed by both national and international touring. Until then they'll keep fans happy with new track "Molly's Shoes". It has that kind of boisterous hand-clapping feel of kindred spirits like Mumford and Sons and The Strumbellas (a group for whom they've opened). It's a tune sure to go down a treat live.
-Kerry Doole - New Canadian Music

"Molly's Shoes - Single Sea Perry"

After forming in Sudbury in 2013, spirited folk-rockers Sea Perry wasted no time in releasing a promising debut EP Why The Folk Not. They have big plans for 2015, promising to return to the studio in early March to record their first full-length album (it's being Pledgefunded), followed by both national and international touring. Until then they'll keep fans happy with new track "Molly's Shoes". It has that kind of boisterous hand-clapping feel of kindred spirits like Mumford and Sons and The Strumbellas (a group for whom they've opened). It's a tune sure to go down a treat live.
Kerry Doole - New Canadian Music

"Atwood Picks: April 2015"

Soundcloud playlist of top tracks of April 2015. Includes Sea Perry - "Molly's Shoes" - Atwood Magazine

"Sea Perry hits Barrie Friday"

A young Sudbury folk band will plans to perform its Canadiana-infused songs about love in Barrie, weeks before its new, debut album is released.

Sea Perry will play Molly’s Shoes and others selections the band has written as it opens for Hollerado at Sound Empire Friday night.

“There’s a lot of different vibes we have (on the album). It’s a wide array, Canadian folk-rock songs. There’s indie stuff. It’s a melting pot of music. It blends the three of us,” said Shawn Fisher, who plays bass guitar and keyboard and sings back-up vocals.

“I love the music, the composition. I love writing music. It’s the biggest passion I have in the world,” said the 30-year-old musician, who has played in bands since age 18.

He met fellow Sea Perry members as they played in different groups. They became friends and, in 2013, the band formed and began writing and performing music together.

As young adults, Fisher said the struggles of being an adult, becoming yourself and finding love are major themes in the band’s music.

They combine catchy guitar riffs with driving lines that reflect their hearts, souls and passions.

“The strongest emotion we have is love and that’s the central focus of the album. We talk about love in some form in every song. Age-wise, where we are in our lives, it’s the struggle between being a grownup and still learning who we are. It’s a mix of emotions.”

And then there’s Molly.

“Molly is that girl you see from afar, the girl you want to know someone that’s interesting to you, captivating you in some way,” said Fisher.

“You can’t not notice Molly.”

Tickets are $22.50 and available online at or at Tropical North. - Barrie Advance

"LISTEN: Sea Perry Releases New Single “Molly’s Shoes”"

Following the release of their EP, Why The Folk Not?, Ontario folk/rock band is set to release their debut full length album. The currently untitled record will be released on March 31, and fans can become part of the process by participating in the band’s Pledge Music campaign.

Sea Perry has released the first track from the upcoming album, “Molly’s Shoes,” which can be streamed on their SoundCloud page. By contributing to the Pledge Music campaign, fans can also get an immediate download of the new song. To celebrate the release of the album, Sea Perry has also announced a few tour dates in Canada in late March, with more to be announced soon. Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies will be supporting the band for all of the dates.

Check out Sea Perry’s tour dates:

Thursday, March 26 – Kingston, ON @ Tucan

Friday, March 27 – Montreal, QC @ Barfly

Saturday, March 28 – Ottawa, ON @ AvantGarde - Confront Magazine

"BRBR Feature - Burning California"

Live footage of Sea Perry performing "Burning California" off their new album "Do What You Do." - TFO - BRBR

"Sudbury band ready to break out"

After two years of countless hours, Sea Perry, a Sudbury-based three-piece folk-rock band, is set to release their debut album, Do What You Do, later this month.

"There are songs that deal with adolescence things like love and acceptance," says drummer Chad Bouchard, adding there is no foul language on the album.

"Kids can even listen to it," adds Shaw Fisher, who plays bass.

The third member of Sea Perry is Chris Milligan, on guitar and vocals.

Do What You Do will be available for download or purchase April 21. It will be officially released at a gig May 22 at Sudbury's Townehouse.

Bouchard and Fisher say the album is about what life is and it takes listeners through a wide range of emotions.

Fisher says Milligan is good at coming up with meaningful words and melodies.

"Everything is really collaborative," he says, adding the band takes the writing process seriously.

Instead of going to the bar Friday night, Fisher says, the band would be off writing songs.

"(My) job was to write, Chris' job was to play the guitar and Chad's job was to make soda crackers and peanut butter and jam sandwiches," he says, as the two band members burst out laughing.

"You have to love the people you work with."

Bouchard and Fisher met while attending Laurentian University for communications, while Bouchard met Milligan through a friend.

Bouchard says he was moving to Toronto when the friend told him to give Milligan a call once he was down there.

"When I got there, I contacted Chris, and Chris was like, 'guess what, I actually moved to Sudbury,'" Bouchard says. "We just missed each other."

But he got in touch with Milligan after he moved back to Sudbury two years later.

Bouchard was working with another band, who needed a bass player and backup vocals.

"Chris kind of filled the role," he says.

That role lasted until the band folded two years later, Bouchard says, but he and Milligan wrote songs on the side during the last year.

He says Fisher came in after Milligan and Bouchard practised with him and "it kind of just stuck."

Music also has stuck with the band. Fisher started to play music when he was six or seven and says he never stopped.

Bouchard started to play at age 12, while in Grade 7.

He says he was always inspired by music, as his father is a drummer.

"It never ends," the members say, adding a lot of hard work went into where they are today.

And that hard work paid off for the band. - Sudbury Star

"Tie Up Your Dancing Shoes and Get Ready for Sea Perry"

You are here: Home » Arts & Events » Tie Up Your Dancing Shoes and Get Ready for Sea Perry
Tie Up Your Dancing Shoes and Get Ready for Sea Perry
April 16, 2015 10:40 am
Sea Perry_Street Close Up_Photo Credit Jess Baumung

Get ready to put on your dancing shoes for the single Molly’s Shoes by Canadian folk-rock band Sea Perry.

The catchy and upbeat song dropped at the beginning of April from the band’s debut full-length album, Do What You Do, set to be released April 21. If this first single is any indication of how the rest of the album will be, you’ll want to keep those dancing shoes on!

“We have a pretty good mix of sounds with some folk elements, rock, pop and others,” explains drummer Chad Bouchard. “Everyone can appreciate a little something from the album.”

The three-man band also includes Chris Milligan on guitar and lead vocals, along with Shawn Fisher on bass, piano and backing vocals. They formed Sea Perry in their hometown of Sudbury, Ontario two years ago.

“We do everything collaboratively which means at the end of the day we are all extremely satisfied,” explains Fisher. “It is three hearts all being put into one song.”

Milligan adds, “There is not just one person steering the ship.”

Sea Perry_Molly'sShoes Single ArtworkSea Perry’s debut EP Why The Folk Not? was released in 2013. The band has opened for internationally recognized artists including the Trews and Great Big Sea. They have also performed at events across Ontario, including Boots and Hearts, Big Music Fest and the Northern Lights Festival. The band will be playing songs from their new album at the 4th Street Lilac Festival in Calgary next month.

“(Do What You Do) is pretty ambitious for our first actual album,” says Fisher.

The 10 track collection was produced by Michael Jack who has been in the recording industry for 28 years. Among the thousands of artists he has worked with, Nelly Furtado, Anne Murray and Bono are just a few.

“I can’t pick a favourite song off the album,” says Milligan. “I smile every time I play every song.”

Promoting the album’s release, the band took to the stage at Ottawa’s Avant-Garde bar March 28. Admiring the city for unique reasons, they don’t intend on staying away for long.

“I like it because it has good coffee shops,” says Milligan. “In Sudbury there are a few good coffee shops, but everybody is just all about Tim Hortons so it is nice to go get a good cup of joe somewhere.”

“Mine is a weird one,” admits Fisher. “I really like the infrastructure of Ottawa and find it more organized than most Canadian cities.”

“My favourite part about Ottawa is the cat sanctuary,” says Bouchard confidently. “The first time I was here I saw the section by the Parliament buildings where all the stray kitties live.”

Do What You Do will be available for download on iTunes April 21. To learn more about Sea Perry and their cross-Canada summer tour, check out the band’s website or Facebook page.
- See more at: - Ottawa Life


Title: Do What You Do (Album)
Release Date: April 21, 2015

Title: Nowhere To Go (Single)
Release Date: March 23, 2013

Title: Why The Folk Not? (EP)
Release Date: July 5, 2013

Title: Miles Away (Single)
Release Date: April 14, 2014



The best relationships, the most fruitful relationships are the ones that are based on something true and real. Something worth fighting over. And worth fighting for.

It’s the kind of relationship that the three members of Sudbury, ON pop-rock act Sea Perry have fostered over the course of their short time making music together, resulting in some of the freshest, catchiest, most exciting music being made in Canada today.

And as they’ve grown together over the course of these past two years, so, too has their audience, with sold-out shows being the norm wherever they play, packed and sweaty crowds hooked in by their infectious energy and obvious joy doing what they do.
As bassist Shawn Fisher says, each performance, be it an opening spot for such like-minded acts as The Trews, Great Big Sea or The Strumbellas, or on a festival bill with dozens of other artists or their own must-see headlining sets, Sea Perry sees it as an opportunity to change lives, change people’s perspectives, touch somebody in some way.

Now, the friends — Chris Milligan (guitar, vocals) Shawn Fisher (bass, keys ) and Chad Bouchard (drums) — are ready to take their relationship with this country’s music lovers to the next level with the release of their fittingly titled full-length debut Do What You Do.
Recorded in Toronto with producer Michael Jack, who’s worked with such Canadian and international talent as Bono, Rush, and Nelly Furtado, the 10 bright, buoyant tracks were laid down with an ear towards bringing to life that stage show while also accentuating the stellar musicianship and remarkable songwriting skills.

Shawn credits the tightknit nature of the trio with bringing out the best Sea Perry has to offer, explaining that, like all great relationships, this one is built on honesty and vulnerability, each of the three willing to figuratively (and literally) fight it out to get something that’s definitively and excellently something they can take pride in.

“There are times when we’re writing music that we get so passionate about an idea that we’re trying to push forward that we really force each other to get to a very uncomfortable zone emotionally,” says Shawn. “But sometimes you need to get to the brink of your humanity to get something out that’s really significant.” With Do What You Do, they’ve certainly done that. The album is filled with giant singalong choruses, pristine radio-ready melodies, chiming guitars and steady, driving rhythms.


The record is also filled with lyrics and stories that run the gamut of coming to grips with your own mortality and moving forward in the face of whatever might come your way to, of course, relationships of all kinds.

The tone is set right off the bat with opening song Molly’s Shoes, a yell-it-to-the-moon, big Country-like expression of affection for what keeps the heart of any good man beating, as Chris sings, “Come on love, it’s my drug, everybody here just needs a hug.”
It continues with the oddly celebratory Burning California, a dream of a simpler life, one where the stars provide the canopy and music provides the soundtrack to the world burning down to the ground.

And finally there’s the title track from Do What You Do, also the last song written for the record, and one that sums up what Sea Perry are all about — a testament to the power of positivity and perseverance, of living life to its fullest, making your dreams come true and making the most of the lives you touch.

It’s what Sea Perry do.

And it’s a relationship that’s just getting started.

Band Members