Kelso, Washington, USA

SEACATS are "Trustworthy crunchy-fried dirt-pop" from WA State. The group formed in 2009. SEACATS are known for their prolific output of ("very funny") internet content as well as music. In October 2013 they are releasing their 2nd LP, produced by Steve Fisk (Soundgarden, Unwound, Nirvana)


**If you really want a feel for the band, you should check out our videos on sonicbids makes us pay to put up vids, and we are poor so we can't do that**

SEACATS are a pop-rock band from Kelso, WA. Self-described “funny guyz,” the band was formed out of the remains of a comedy-webshow in 2009 by brothers Mike and Josh Davis. The laughs haven’t stopped since! SEACATS first made a name for itself in the Pacific Northwest music scene when they participated in the EMP Soundoff! 2010 competition. They were accepted because of their “charming, funny” personalities, not based on the merit of their music. Soon after this, the band’s hilarity earned them a spot at 2010’s Bumbershoot Arts festival. SEACATS then slugged it out in the underground for awhile, winning over audience members one-by-one with pratfalls and slapstick comedy. After two “chuckle-worthy” EPs, it came the time to release their first full- length album. 2011 saw the release of SEACATS’ first full-length. Always the ones to make a joke, SEACATS named their first full-length album “Metal Music,” even though the band is not metal, and the album’s artwork was cowboy-themed. I mean, how random is that?!

Somewhere along the way, SEACATS caught the eye (or should I say funnybone?) of burgeoning Seattle indie label Fin Records, where they inked an album deal. Since then, it has been “Jokes Galore” with SEACATS even receiving Seattle Weekly’s highly sought-after “Best Cat Band” award, solidifying the band’s position as “A cute joke band, with no real substance” Recently, the band has made even more jokes, including their “really funny” Mexican-wrestling themed music video for “Wrecked,” followed by their highbrow satire of masculinity, the music video for “Firewood.” “Firewood” was released as a 7” single entitled The 7” Burger on 4/20 (The jokes never stop with these guys!). Since Metal Music, fan anticipation had been building for another SEACATS full- length. Well, get ready to giggle! Because finally the guys have put together the perfect “laughing gas formula” that is guaranteed to make you howl, grin, and chortle until your gut busts! SEACATS self-titled 2nd full-length is coming out October 15th!

And if you thought they were funny on record, wait ‘til you see em live! Known to be “The funniest live band EVER” the guys have loaded their live show to the brim with funny gags. The guys have done all types of gags imaginable in their live shows: Crowd work, high-flying stunts, food fights, audience misdirection, berating of the audience, taking articles of clothing off, IRONIC/FUNNY COVERS (can you say Black Eyed Peas, System of a Down, Smash Mouth, My Chemical Romance, Christina Aguilera, Kid Rock, and of course fan-favorite Bohemian Rhapsody!), and EVEN jumping into the pacific ocean (How’d they pull that one off?! HAHAHA). I mean look at these guys! They’ll do anything for a laugh! You know what they always say, “you never know what’ll happen at a SEACATS live show.”

So there you have it, the gangs all here, and I’m so happy we’re all here together. So snuggle up, settle down, take a load off, and take a listen to SEACATS; and then get ready to hop onboard the laugh train baby, because here it comes! CHOO-CHOO!


SEACATS EP 2.0- Feb. 2010
SEACATS 3D (EP)- Aug. 2010
Metal Music (LP) - May 2011
Extra Point (7") - June 2011
Wrecked (Video Single) - March 2013
The 7" Burger (7") - April 2013
SEACATS (LP) - October 2013