Where words fail, music speaks. Music is the most powerful thing in the world. It is upon this premise that Seaflea attacks the musical process and it is this passion that drives their live performances. Seaflea believes in this power and to channels it into their music.


Seaflea is a driving rock quartet based out of Austin, TX. With influences such as Hot Water Music, Sunny Day Real Estate, Radiohead, and Tool, the bands music ranges a broader spectrum than is easily categorized. Moments of ethereal sound-scapes blend with tendencies of metal blanketed with straightforward rock and roll. The attitude of the band is that if they write the best songs possible, the rest will come naturally. Only the integrity of the songs and emotions of music remains at the end of the day. Seaflea is four people making real music for real people.


Flowers in the Attic

Written By: Jeremy Bolin/Jon Michael Rogers

That anvil frozen in time
The weight of
Cracks the back of
Even the strong can’t endure
The wrath of
What’s hiding in the attic

Eyes like tire irons
Exes on your retinas
Fingers crossed and bleeding
While your penny’s slowly sinking
In a wishing well
Brick by brick solicit
Complexes for the sick and weary colony
Pills to feed the week sheep
You can be the Shepard
I will be the staff
You use
To abuse

What a long way to go
Your name, the word
For God
To your children
I lock you all in the attic

I see through it all
Your infected by
Your fire water father
Your pouring gasoline
Into the rising flames
Now, so proud
Preaching from a hidden place
(I can see it in your face)
the fear behind the lies
the quiver in your voice
as you refuse

can you hear me now
can you hear me now

Me Against You

Written By: Seaflea

Me against you

Fuck my last letter, I could write you a book
I could spend pages framing phrases to hang my hatred for you
In time it gets better, all it takes is a look
I could build cages holding faces in a cauldron of war

If it’s war you want, come on

Hold me closer let me go

If it’s war you want, come on

Hold me closer
Broken teeth, bloody smile
Kiss me

Apology Accepted

Written By: Seaflea

Apology accepted

You have finally been forgiven
And I know why

You have finally forgotten all about me
It always seemed like the right time
His arm wrapped around you, everything is all right
Not for me, not tonight

The summer waves goodbye like I do to you
Autumn dies, I cry out from the bottom
The summer waves goodbye like I do to you
The winter passes by

Slumber Party Massacre

Written By: Seaflea

Slumber party massacre

All that I love is falling from my arms
And at your slumber party, I am bloodying the walls
With my friends

I give this gift to you, I bring
A message, a warning
No one here is safe
Betrayer, de-gifter, I regret to inform you,
The end is near.


Written By: Seaflea


There’s not much use in defending
Things that you don’t believe anymore

I play god
You play along
Hide your pain
Appearance is everything

The story is never ending
Everyone dies but you
That’s not so relieving
We’re not so easily confused

Sunday Spent

Written By: Seaflea

When it all began
You kneeled down
Eyes to sky
And full of lies

But you had too many questions
Selection eluded you
All because you never saw him
Walk on the water
But with Peter’s ear
He hears you

Crying alone in your room
You’ve got your telephone
But no one is calling you
What are you going to do
When the pressure
Gets too high
You have to
Call on the water
To wash away the wicked

No better place to hide


EP 2006 “The Vendetta” 5 songs, self produced
EP 2005 Self Titled 5 songs, self produced
Radio play - 101.5 101X Austin TX
Radio play - 91.7 KVRX KOOP Austin TX
Streaming -
Streaming -

Set List

30 to 45 Minutes Power set 7-9 songs typically

Throw Down Your Roses
Jump Ship
Me Against You
Apology Accepted
Warn You With a Whisper
Major Instruments
Slumber Party Massacre
Sunday Spent
Cured by Braces
Roman Empire


Helmet - Unsung
Sunny Day Real Estate - Seven
Hot Water Music - Moonpies for Misfits
The Cure - Fascination Street
RadioHead - Electioneering