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"Download a new song from Sea Hero for free!"

Be sure to check out newish indie rock band Sea Hero. They just put up an excellent song from their new CD Grave Talk as a free download on their bandcamp page. The album was recorded by Kevin Ratterman at The Funeral Home. Listen/download "Blue Whale" below, then watch a great music video from last year featuring their song "I Wish You'd Look":

- Never Nervous

"LOCAL LISTEN: Sea Hero – “Grave Talk”"

It’s obvious that Louisville has a reputation for pumping out some of the first and most original post-rock bands, many of which that ended up becoming influential among bands that replicated the style. Making recent waves is Sea Hero, a band that delves back to Rodan in it’s song structure, but introduces the aggressiveness into the instrumental genre that bands like Young Widows have exemplified on a local level. Think the quiet reserved moments in a Mono tune meeting the face-punching Explosions in the Sky elements. Here is where Sea Hero dwell.

The band recently recorded their debut LP Grave Talk with studio mastermind Kevin Ratterman at The Funeral Home. According to guitarist Buddy McHagan, the 7 track record was recorded live in a single eight hour session. That’s how you know the mark of a post-rock outfit hardcore above the rest.
- Backseat Sandbar

"Lee Ranaldo, Wooden Wand, and Sea Hero – Zanzabar, Louisville"

To be fair, new local upstarts Sea Hero might’ve upstaged them, holding true to the city’s heritage of decibel-shredding, towering, monolithic post-rock fury. They rumbled the Zanzabar walls, and earned a nice spot on the ‘best new local bands’ list. Not to be missed if you see ‘em around! - Distonal - Kenny Bloggins

"Track Of The Day: Sea Hero - "Death Rattle""

On Sea Hero's newest album, Grave Talk, the last track begins with a high and fast plucked guitar juxtaposed with a slow, meandering bass line that is anything but impatient. The opening of the song conjures up the image of a naked body from behind, twisting and squirming, the spine and bones no longer aligned. Beauty remains, but in a new form. While this is just my own visual interpretation of the instrumental track, I think it speaks to something universal about the music. Like the twisting body, it bends, builds, reforms, and ultimately finds beauty in reforming what is already gorgeous.

Clocking in at over twelve minutes, "Death Rattle" presents itself slowly, offering one small shift in the sound after another as the epic song takes its time to develop. While the stunning quality of "Death Rattle" and many other Sea Hero tracks lies in the way they take the listener from A to B, the meat of Sea Hero's music exists in the journey between the two points. Instrumental music is tough; the musicians must find emotion and make instruments feel human in order to replace the actual use of a human voice. In this, Sea Hero hits on feelings that are absent from a great deal of songs featuring vocal accompaniment. Throughout Grave Talk, Sea Hero acts as a guide, allowing the listener to make their own visceral connections to the music, but the band also dictates the mood, and in doing so, has complete control over their own artistic vision. "Death Rattle" is relentless and sometimes brutal in its approach, but somehow, the clenching grasp around the listener's throat never comes across as threatening, but rather, dangerously inviting.
- We Listen For You


Grave Talk - LP - 2012



The Louisville bands that have gone before us have always served as an inspiration in the way we construct our music. Some of the forefathers of our genre call our city home. Slint, Rodan, Rachel's, Shipping News, Papa M... We cut our teeth on their music and we strive to keep the sound that they created alive. Some other bands we hold near and dear are: Russian Circles, Pixies, Jesus & Mary Chain, Starflyer 59, Radiohead, Fugazi, Burning Airlines, The Dismemberment Plan, This Will Destroy You, Mono, Explosions in the Sky, Pelican, Young Widows, Wolf Eyes, Interpol... to name a few.
We find emotion and make our instruments feel human in order to replace the actual use of a human voice. In this, we hit on feelings that are absent from a great deal of songs featuring vocal accompaniment.