Sea Hero

Sea Hero


We're an instrumental band that likes to weave our sound between the dark and the heavy, keeping in mind the light at the end of the tunnel. Hope and despair wrapped together, always holding true to our Louisville roots.


The Louisville bands that have gone before us have always served as an inspiration in the way we construct our music. Some of the forefathers of our genre call our city home. Slint, Rodan, Rachel's, Shipping News, Papa M... We cut our teeth on their music and we strive to keep the sound that they created alive. Some other bands we hold near and dear are: Russian Circles, Pixies, Jesus & Mary Chain, Starflyer 59, Radiohead, Fugazi, Burning Airlines, The Dismemberment Plan, This Will Destroy You, Mono, Explosions in the Sky, Pelican, Young Widows, Wolf Eyes, Interpol... to name a few.
We find emotion and make our instruments feel human in order to replace the actual use of a human voice. In this, we hit on feelings that are absent from a great deal of songs featuring vocal accompaniment.


Grave Talk - LP - 2012