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"Praise Report - KPRR"

Although I categorized them as a rock band, The Seakers are much more than that. I was able to catch up with the them at a ministry event going on at Calvary Chapel Oceanside (California). The Seakers played through a 45 minute set that went from rock, to funk to praise & worship and back again. It was nothing short of an awesome praise roller coaster ride. They were the first act of the night and the crowd had just finished eating dinner. Talk about a tough set. But that didn't matter. Within three songs, The Seakers were able to get the crowd off their chairs dancing stage-front. Then, they had the audience with hands up in full praise to the Lord when they played through songs such as "Jesus...lover of my soul" and "Open the eyes of my heart." Their discography was not the only thing I was impressed with. All of the band members were able to have a good time on stage while seriously praising God throughout. If you like worshiping the Lord with a godly band that knows how to mix it up and have a good time, then The Seakers are a band that you need to experience. - Praise Report Radio


In Focus - Full Length Album - Released 2003
Supersonic Praise EP - Released 2008



On a fateful day in April 2001, The Seakers were born from a single phone call made in desperation. Two-thirds of a would-be band needed the final piece for a mission trip to Russia. A mutual friend’s referral would link them together, and with that call, three gifted musicians were allied in a common pursuit – seeking the Kingdom.

The Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 6, Verse 33 says, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.” With this verse laid as their cornerstone, The Seakers chose their name and built their mission. How the second E in the word seek morphed into an A, we may never know. Perhaps it was to pay tribute to a popular influence of the band. Or, more likely, it was meant to confuse Internet search engines and those of us who use them.

Silly misspellings aside, what matters most for any band is the sounds they produce. And, in a day and age where flowery, ambiguous adjectives are combined to pummel and confuse potential listeners into tuning in based on the modish sound of a genre name, The Seakers stand in the gap and proclaim all that is good in rock music. In purely musical terms, The Seakers are rock.

Their songs speak of the realities of Christian life, from doubt and disobedience (Are You Listening?) to unspeakable joy (The La La Song). Their music packs a punch with tight grooves and loose progressions combined with melodic solos and unique instruments.

The Seakers are talented musicians firmly grounded in the Lord and are eager in their sharing of the Gospel message. Jey Gifford (guitars, lead vocals), Joe DeRoche (bass, lead vocals) and Tim Palmatier (drums, percussion) make up this compact team with a big sound.

In May of 2003, The Seakers released their first album, an 11-song tour of their musical influences called In Focus. In 2007, The Seakers released a 5 ½ song worship EP and began recording the follow-up to their debut album. In the four years since the release of In Focus, the band has matured, their tastes have changed and their abilities have blossomed.

“We really feel like we’re at a point where everyone knows their place and we’re comfortable there. It allows us to break new ground when we’re able to stretch beyond our chosen instruments to begin to feel what everyone else is doing,” says Jey.

The Seakers approach their music with a sense of both reverence and humor. In any given performance they are apt to crack wise while sharing testimonies and leading others to a deeper understanding of their faith.

Jey (left-handed), Joe (left-handed) and Tim (unapologetically right-handed) are each accomplished musicians. Jey is currently working on a daily devotional book and an instructional book on independent band touring and booking.