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Dallas, Texas, United States

Dallas, Texas, United States
Rock Surf Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Dallas Observer"

"The young brats in Sealion certainly have a good thing going at the moment. On the one hand, they've a solid buzz surrounding their live show on the chit-chat circuit. On the other hand, an even bigger batch of good news — a devoted early fan base, one that filled up Bryan Street Tavern just the other weekend with people pogo-ing to the band's music and singing along to their every lyric en masse."

"For now, this talented collective seems content to swim against that grain, to stand pat and to happily combine its influences into something fresh." - Dallas Observer

"DC9 Locals Only! Show"

"Sure, things may have ended in controlled chaos -- musicians on the floor, fans flailing about in a moshpit, instruments strewn about everywhere -- but, man, was it fun." - Dallas Observer

"Black Flag Approved"

The whole night was a treat. And, in the end, Sealion at least would be rewarded in kind as a couple of the performers from that show happening across the way -- Black Flag's Greg Ginn and Good For You frontman/legendary skateboarder Mike Vallely -- would make their way over to this show to voice their approval for what they'd heard bleeding over from the opposite side of the street. - Central Track

"Kenneth Review"

Don’t let the offhand sonic splatter of tracks like Finks or Get Drained deceive you: Kenneth, which is being released by Fort Worth DIY label Lo-Life Recordings, is full of irresistible melodies, and the catharsis of the quiet-loud-quiet dynamic familiar to anyone who has spent time with the Pixies’ catalog. -

"Dallas Music"

Over the past handful of times I’ve seen Sealion live, they’ve quickly edged their way up the ladder of my favorite local bands. Recently the band has been working on recording an EP with Salim Nourallah, and I’m betting that when it is finally released they’ll quickly become the favorite local band of lots of other folks as well. Hell, maybe even favorite band period. They’re just that good. - Dallas Music

"Dallas Observer"

"You've seen the white and black Sealion sticker at most bars around Deep Ellum. Luckily, the band is worth the attention, and they're even hitting the road with the Toadies at the end of March." - Dallas Observer

"Deep Ellum"

"Deep Ellum has been on a bit of an upswing in the past year of so, and leading the charge is Sealion, the neighborhood's best band. - Dallas Music


"Boasting some of the biggest, tightest punk tunes in town, with the added bonus of being really good at their instruments" - Subservient Experiment


Still working on that hot first release.



Sealion is a 4 piece band from Dallas TX, with surf, punk, and Indie influences. This past summer they completed multiple national tours including a run with The Toadies. In the past two years Sealion has played countless shows and shared the stage with bands such as Man or Astro-Man? The Coathangers, Cloud Nothings, Pond, The Men, Crystal Antlers, Turbo Fruits, Diarrhea Planet, White Fang, Mind Spiders, Jaill, Tim Kasher(cursive), Surf City, Bare Wires, The Zoltars, Bass Drum of Death, Japanther, Single Mothers, White Lung, Titus Andronicus, Fungi Girls and more.

Known for an anything goes live show with their tightly knit fan base in tow that will dance the night away like it is their last, it is definitely one worth checking out and is a constant mention in several online "must attend show of the week" from local media sources(Dallas Observer, DC9 at night, Central Track, D magazine,, Ft worth Weekly, Fort Live). At any given one of these gatherings of music, friends, and alcohol you could witness anything from an intimate, calm set, to having band members on the ground or in the air playing their instruments while the crowd dives into the drums. It's an experience everyone should be a part of and once you have, you cannot wait for the next.

Sealion pulls influences from bands such as The Pixies and The Nerves along with various punk bands from the 70's-90's, 60's garage & surf and 50's pop into a sound all their own.