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New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
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The middle band, Sea Monsters, lived up to the “middle spot” with poppy songs that grew in to straight up rockers more often than not. Think Bellman Barker or Let’s French with a little more attention to the Pavement style guitar solo. Yeah that was a mouthful, three references in one sentence, I know. But seriously, these guys can kick out some mad decent jams. I especially liked the bassist, she really brought the funk. And props to lead man, Blake Courlang, for leading such a well orchestrated outfit. -

Seamonsters is a band that can lay claim to being both a D.C. band and a New York band as its members live in BOTH cities. It was a nice coincidence that I was able to shoot their show in the same night. Regardless of whether all its members live here or not, Seamonsters is a certified A-W-E-S-O-M-E National Capital Area phenomenon in my book. This is how to put on a show. -


- Anchorman
- Scarf
- Two Step Tuesday



Long distance relationships are complicated. Sweet whimperings into electronic devices in the wee hours of the morning. The tugging of heartstrings wrapped in lipstick and envelopes. They typically end in heartbreak and a few choice words spat in a moment of weakness. Davey Dave and Blake, however, are far too engaged in the trivialities of life to ponder the big picture. Scarves in the summertime, the correct position for drinking a beer in a bar, and the aptitude of make believe friends consume their thoughts and, at the same time, steer them away from the conclusion that long distance love often induces.

Do we really need to start at the beginning? Probably not, so I’ll make this short. Davey Dave and Blake met at the cheek-pinching age of four in a Jewish pre-school. They learned Genesis and Exodus and had their first kiss (not with each other, silly, but you can continue your mental image if it puts a smile on your face). Life was good.

18 years later, the inevitable split.

Blake sold his worldly possessions and U-Hauled it on up to New York City in pursuit of something, of which I’m sure he’s sure that he surely has no sure idea. Davey Dave traipsed over to our modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, Washington DC, to dabble in dabblings. For the next few years, howdoyoudos were exchanged in a pleasant manner and reminiscings of days gone by were explored.

Davey Dave started playing the drums. Blake started writing songs.

Blake sent these simple tunes to Davey Dave. Soon, they were Chinatown bussing on weekends to their respective abodes and honing these songs. At first, it was all for the good times and the Zywiecz. Maybe these songs were meant for more than just two pairs of eardrums. Shall we introduce some new characters to our epic journey? Why, yes….

Blake spied Janelle playing bass on the Lower East Side of New York City and decided to steal her. Janelle is no cheap date, however, and many candlelight sushi dinners were to be had until she finally succumbed.

Davey Dave, ever the gentleman, let his wandering buddy, Erik, sleep on his couch for extended periods of time. Erik ate his food, drank his concoctions, and stole his women. It is no matter, though, because Erik can play guitar and Erik can play guitar in Davey Dave’s band.

Somehow, these four disparate individuals make the whole sound proper. What about the sound? We like to say it is pop music played faster and louder with guitar solos and sweet trivial nothings whispered into your ear. It’s everything a long distance relationship should be: the argument and the embrace; the jealousy and the comfort; the tension and the explosion.