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Perth, Western Australia, Australia | SELF

Perth, Western Australia, Australia | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Seams 'Early' CDEP Review - Aural Offside"

By Predrag Delibasich

First time I heard Seams was when I played a gig with them. They were on after me and I could not quite settle down and pay much attention, but what I remember was the variety of styles they went through their 30-odd minute set. I mean, it didn’t go from hardcore to minimalistic ambiental stuff, or anything as diverse as that. Rather, it sounded like the band has deliberately worked on their songs not sounding too similar, which works, if you have good songs. Which is what Seams seem to have (pun intended).
Second time I’ve seen them was again after I played, but this time there was a band in between to help me calm down from performance high (although I can’t really say that Frozen Oceans, band in between, can help anyone calm down). But there I was, ready for Seams. And they were ready for me – they delivered an awesome set of tunes, minus the drummer, who was away. Still, with a little help of technology these youngsters managed to go through the set of great pop tunes, so I was very excited when one of them – a young chap named Lyndon – gave me their EP titled “Early”. I was so excited that I decided to share my excitement right here with you, my electronic friends.
Not sure if this is just a promo EP or a regular thing you can buy in shops/at shows, but that thin line has got even thinner these days with all the CD-Rs as regular releases/internet downloads. Who the fuck cares, this one has a nice cover and 3 cool songs that can keep my attention span, so that’s enough for me.
Similarly to their live shows, this EP also shows signs of diversity, starting with slightly complex take on modern psych pop that is "Cabinsong", which takes off lightly with cool beat and guitar loops. Soon male/female vocals join in and not long after the song is turned into a little soundtrack to space travel.
Next one, "Andromeda (Dream Away)" also ventures into a psych waters, but leaning more towards prog school – the beginning reminds me a lot of "Moon Child" by King Crimson, but not for long. Must say this one is my least fave of all three songs here, which is more to say about my taste in music than anything else. This one is the only song recorded properly in studio, hence it sounds a lot bigger than other two.
Title song really does it for me, with jungle beats throughout and general happy vibes. It was my personal highlight of their second live show I witnessed and I’m glad it ended on this release.
So, to bring this writing to the end, this is a great EP that shed some light to a young Perth band and as such it serves its purpose: it’s a great indicator of what may yet to come from Seams. Bring it on! - Aural Offside Blog

"Fremantle Records 1st Anniversary Party"

"Next came the irrevocably quirky and incredibly enjoyable Seams, sporting about every instrument imaginable including a Theremin (which sat on stage waiting for an eagerly anticipating airing). While a multi talented keyboardist/guitarist /saxophonist/flutist/electro-drummer weaved her magic, the band spun wild indie freak-outs (a common theme of the night) that ensured maximum dance-floor action. It felt like a bit of a jam session at the time, but the crowd were in on it – waiting with anticipation for where they would be taken next." - X-Press


Bad Prisms (EP, 2013, self-released)

Lyrebird (CD Single, 2012, self-released)

Opossum (Digital single, 2012, self-released)

Magic Circle (7" Vinyl Single, 2011, Beat Route Records)

Early (CD-R, 2010, Self-released)

Seams In Yer Stockings (CD-R, 2010, Self-Released)



We're called Seams and we're four friends from the suburbs of Perth. We make experimental pop songs using guitars, synthesizers, drums, machines, theremins, violins and whatever else we can find in the back shed. Sometimes the results are pretty, sometimes ugly, sometimes both.


Seams have supported such national touring acts as Eagle And The Worm and Ouch My Face (VIC), as well as international bands including Best Coast (USA) and have shared festival bills with Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Holy Fuck, The Go Team and more.

Their debut, home-recorded CD ‘Early,' attracted much airplay from Perth radio station RTRFM, later being discovered by Triple J whereupon presenter Steph Hughes described the title track as “a tropical food fight.” (Sept 7, 2010).

Since then Seams have released a string of singles such as 'Lyrebird' ("Now this is cool!" - Dom Alessio, JJJ) and most recently their first extender player, "Bad Prisms," enthusiastically received by fans, radio, reviewers and blogs alike.

Never content to settle into a category or sound, Seams continue to grow their sound in many pleasantly surprising directions. What comes next, nobody knows. Least of all the members of the band.