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Assorted Jimmy

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Sean Macdonald
Demographic Blues | indie | 2003
Parasites & Kings | Nettwerk Records | 2000
Psycho Babylon | Nettwerk Records | 1997

Wooden James Hetmanek
The Greater Good EP | indie | 2005
Smut EP | indie | 2004
The Plot Chords, Throwin 9's | indie | 2003
You Got Love EP | indie | 2002



9 months before Sean and James were born, their mother was stranded on a tugboat in the middle of Lake Superior in a bottle with Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Gordon Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell, Stompin' Tom Conners, Gord Downie, Burton Cummings, and Jean LeLoup.  She rejected all of their advances, but one, and sent out the S.O.S.

9 months after Sean and James were born, their mother bought them a guitar and it became useful as a security blanket, a toy, a means of meditation, a way of explaining themselves to themselves, and as a method of making girls fall in love with them. In doing so, they became acquainted with its many mysteries and its function as a tool of song.

9 months ago Sean and James decided to join forces and create the Sean and James act. Sean; gracefully balancing the line between satire and romance, his songs poignant and melodic with a style reminiscent of jerks like Bob Dylan and e.e. cummings, thought "music is like pastry- two bakers make it fluffier". James, who was carrying a hobo-stickbag of grabbing and elegantly written songs thought, in a voice that falls somewhere between Johnny Cash and Jeff Buckley: "sean will make me look cool".

How right they were! When Sean and James perform together people leap from their chairs and exclaim "It’s just good music!". 9 months from now Sean and James will be playing music, reading books, and feeding grapes to their reclining girlfriends.